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Character Rigger
Character Rigger
  Full-Time @ Ohio Film Group

Columbus, Ohio, United States

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About OFG:

Ohio Film Group was founded on the simple belief that Columbus has talent. Housed within a state of the art facility on the campus of the Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD), OFG offers low cost, high quality production and post-production services. From Hollywood feature films to regional commercials and corporate videos, OFG offers a value driven, world class experience to its clients by utilizing seasoned entertainment veterans in combination with the best and brightest creative talent Columbus has to offer.


Position Overview:

Ohio Film Group is looking for a Character Rigger to create highly versatile character rigging systems and animation interfaces. 1+ years work experience is required in 3D CG for Digital Animation, Visuals Effects or Video games.


Required Education/ Experience:

  • Design, create, test and maintain character set ups

  • Work with Modeling to create a model that meets technical needs

  • Work with R&D to design, debug and evaluate new tools

  • Collaborate with animators to design motion controls

  • Develop and maintain character motion and deformation systems

  • Develop new techniques and processes to solve character production challenges

  • Work with PE and/or Dept TDs to integrate and maintain setups

  • Work with FX and CharFX to provide them with information needed to integrate characters and digital effects

  • Write utility scripts and programs to streamline the setup process

  • Work with production management to prioritize tasks

  • Keep supervisors informed of progress, changes, roadblocks and other critical issues

  • Rigging and skinning of characters and props in Maya.

  • Creation of 3D quadruped/aerial creature Skeletons & Rigs

  • Skinning (weighting) 3D quadrupeds and aerial creatures

Required Skills

  • Expert knowledge of Maya

  • In-depth knowledge of character/prop rigging technique and principles

  • Strong understanding of figure and facial anatomy

  • MEL and Python scripting

  • Experience with adopting production pipelines and make improvements that respect guidelines and system requirements

  • Strong troubleshooting skills and the ability to find pragmatic solutions

  • Proven ability to be self-sufficient and take initiative to seek answers and address issues

  • Effective communication skills

  • 1-3+ years production experience

  • Knowledge of traditional animation techniques and the principles of character motion

  • Knowledge of anatomy

  • Knowledge in programming and software development skills

  • Detail-oriented with exceptional organizational skills

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Unix experience desired

  • Practical knowledge of academics such as linear algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus and differential geometry

  • Experience in creating stylized rigs designed for cartoony/exaggerated animation

  • Understand the principles of creating appealing animation and facial expressions

Please include a demo reel or website with application.

Please apply through indeed link below and not through this website.

OFG is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or identity, national origin, disability status, or protected veteran status.

This job posting was last updated on Feb. 12, 2019