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Front End Web Developer
Front End Web Developer
  Part-Time @ Luma Pictures

Santa Monica, California, United States

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Luma Pictures is an Academy Award-nominated visual effects studio located a block from the beach near the Promenade in Santa Monica. As a UI/UX expert, you will work with our technical artists and back end engineers to design and create the products that form the backbone of our film pipeline.

General Requirements:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong testing habits
  • Desire to fix problems at the source, manifested in frequent contributions to open source projects
  • Comfortable developing in a Linux environment
  • Ability to work on-site in Santa Monica

Experience Requirements:

  • 4+ years front end experience
  • 2+ years ReactJS experience
  • Javascript ES6 and babel
  • CSS preprocessors such as stylus, sass, less
  • Front end build tools such as Webpack, gulp, grunt 


  • Deployment automation
  • Python proficiency
  • Experience designing websocket protocols

Please apply through our website: www.lumapictures.com/careers


This job posting was last updated on Jan. 16, 2019