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Nuke Pipeline TD
Nuke Pipeline TD
  Full-Time @ Digital Domain

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Job Title: Nuke Pipeline Technical Director

Department: Technical Director

Reports to: 2D Pipeline Manager

Status: Non-Exempt

Classification: Full Time

Date: December 2018


Purpose of the job:

The Compositing Developer/Technical Director works with peers and supervisors to craft novel compositing tools, techniques, and procedures to aid the execution of the current project and advance the capabilities of the facility. The role requires strong technical and communication skills, as well as a firm understanding of compositing, color theory, software design, graphics, and production work flow.


Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

-Provide support for all departments using Nuke and other 2d tools at DD

-Maintain and create tools using a combination of custom gizmos, scripts and libraries with the Nuke Python, TCL, and C++ APIs

-Integrate new tools into Digital Domain’s existing pipeline, using a combination of Python, C++, and the aforementioned APIs.

-Work with Compositing Supervisor(s) and TDs to customize tool set and work flow for a given project

-Craft and update documentation for tools, techniques and work flows generated by the Technical Director

-Remain informed of current technologies in the Technical Director’s field(s) of expertise

-Experience with Shotgun, Asset Management Systems, Maya & Vray is a bonus Qualifications


Education and/or Experience Required

-2+ years experience as a Technical Director for Commercials and/or Feature Films

-Experience with compositing, color science, working with artists in production

-Proficiency with Nuke

-Proficiency with Python & TCL.

-Familararity with creating gui’s with Pyside/PyQt.

-OpenimageIO experience a plus.

-C++ and Nuke NDK experience a plus.

-Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent work experience.


This job posting was last updated on Jan. 15, 2019