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Vfx Pipeline Technical Director
Vfx Pipeline Technical Director
  Full-Time @ Industrial Light & Magic

London, England, United Kingdom

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The Pipeline Technical Director is responsible for developing and maintaining the VFX production pipeline, and ensuring it is running smoothly and efficiently. The Pipeline Technical Director will be active in both development projects and artist support. This opportunity (x2) is ideal for someone who has Vfx/CGI industry experience and is looking for the next step in their career development.

Education / Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in Computing Science or Graphics discipline, or equivalent professional experience
Proven experience in the visual effects or computer animation industries

Required Skills / Competencies:
A positive, “can-do” attitude with balance: must not be afraid to ask for help when getting outside experience base or comfort zone
A clear and concise communicator: ability to keep end users informed of progress and managers informed of requests
An effective listener: able to engage with and understand artists to discover what their requirements are
An effective time manager: must be able to prioritize a multitude of requests and not be afraid to ask for help if the path isn’t clear
Passionate about delivering rigorous follow-through on assigned tasks
An agile, flexible and quick thinker: this is an energetic, dynamic environment requiring an ability to adapt to rapidly changing requirements
A creative thinker and innovator: able to devise and employ ingenious solutions to difficult problems

Technical Skills:
Strong knowledge of python programming and the Linux environment
Experience working with revision control systems and defined coding standards
Experience developing tools and/or plugins within industry software packages such as Maya, Nuke, Houdini or Katana
Experience with Renderman, vray or Arnold

Preferred Skills / Competencies:
Experience with database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Redis
Experience writing RESTful APIs
Experience developing against and/or deploying Amazon Web Services
Knowledge of the standard python packaging and installation tool-chain
VFX, Feature Animation or Episodic production experience
Experience developing on Windows

This job posting was last updated on Oct. 9, 2018