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Infrastructure Engineer - North America
Infrastructure Engineer - North America
  Full-Time @ Framestore

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Framestore is seeking an Infrastructure Engineer for our North American operations. The role is a staff role with benefits and will be based in our Culver City office in Los Angeles.

In North America Framestore has offices in New York, Chicago, Montreal and Los Angeles. This Infrastructure Engineer will support all offices and as such some travel will be required to each site, with more dedicated stints when specific developments dictate.

The Infrastructure Engineer will be responsible for ensuring that physical installations are carried out using global Framestore philosophies and processes. They will be working in collaboration with local and worldwide technology team leaders, to influence design and implementation of infrastructure.

He/She will be responsible for identifying appropriate cables paths, scheduling, buying, organising and delivering working systems, and will liaise with external suppliers to ensure the continued operation of equipment such as power plant, cooling and heating plant, and external fibre networks.

Depending on experience / aptitude the role could also be intimately involved with network, video and audio services within the facilities.

The Infrastructure Engineer will have the knowledge and confidence to work within industry standard health and safety practices. They will be aware of the risks which working at height or on live mains pose and seek to minimise risks where they present themselves.

An important aspect of the role will be to embrace and contribute to Framestore documentation procedures and if not already conversant should be prepared to learn to use drawing and other software packages to communicate accurately with colleagues and suppliers.

He/She will attempt to build systems that take advantage of any resilient paths to provide robustness.

The successful candidate will show a willingness to turn their hand to any challenge presented to them and resource it in a timescale relevant to urgency. This will undoubtedly involve juggling tasks running in tandem.

Please register your interest by filling out the online application form.


Essential Skills

  • Meticulous

  • Organised

  • Basic understanding of voltage, current and power and their relationships to each other

  • Basic appreciation of network topology

  • Basic appreciation of video connections/network

  • Able to understand what an architectural drawing is communicating

  • Creative thinking

  • Able to listen/appraise and form cohesive opinion

  • Able to communicate effectively with service suppliers

  • Able to communicate effectively with colleagues

  • Situational awareness (understanding that your actions have potential consequences for the business and those within it)


Desirable Attributes

  • Evidence of practical skills

  • Previous film or video post-production experience

  • Previous electrical experience

  • Previous HVAC experience

  • Interest in computing

  • Interest in hifi and/or video

  • Experience using Autocad LT (or similar drawing packages)

  • Experience with construction

This job posting was last updated on Sept. 5, 2018