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Core Pipeline Software Developer (DevOps)
Core Pipeline Software Developer (DevOps)
  Full-Time @ Industrial Light & Magic

London, England, United Kingdom

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Who We Are:

Industrial Light & Magic's (ILM) Research & Developement and Core Pipeline groups develop the ground-breaking technology that our artists use to create dazzling visuals. ILM’s innovations have won 29 Scientific and Technical Academy Awards®. Today, we are 70+ visually-minded software engineers, working side-by-side with over a thousand digital artists in a fast-paced, intensely collaborative, creatively-driven film production environment, across studios in San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver, and London. 


Our technology roadmap:
Modernize our core infrastructure, integrating the latest technologies.
Increase the throughput of our global compute and storage processes.
Streamline our guru artist tools so they’re easier to learn and easier to use.
Develop ever more powerful techniques that push the bounds of visual complexity and cinematic fidelity, and continue to create images no one has seen before.
We push the state of the art in technology, but always in service of the latest creative challenge. 


We need people who have:
Experience compiling, installing, versioning, and distributing complex systems.
A knack for troubleshooting, simplifying, and automating complex processes.
A love of working closely with creative, visual people, some in faraway places.
You should have a keen sense for how creative people use technology to work together under pressure. 


What You’ll Do:
Our visual effects production pipeline is a constantly evolving combination of commercial and open-source systems and highly specialized proprietary applications and plugins primarily using Python on Linux (some C++), developed and used by engineers and artists in San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver, and London. You’ll help us build and distribute our software, and help the DevOps team automate the configuration, compilation, and release processes.  


You will:
Develop and support internal tools for software configuration and deployment, software build, continuous integration, versioning, and release automation.
Work with remote team members; support artists and engineers in other time zones. 


Education / Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in computing science, or equivalent professional experience.  

Good demonstrable experience in professional software development. 

VFX, feature animation, or episodic production experience is a bonus, but not essential 


Personal Skills:
An intuitive understanding of the demands of a fast-paced, creatively-driven production environment.
Collaboration: a readiness to trust others, and an eagerness to learn, and play nice. Communication: an ability to express yourself concisely, a willingness to speak up, and a conviction to keep everyone informed of progress and issuesSeniority Level

Junior - Mid level


This job posting was last updated on July 19, 2018