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IT Manager & Senior System Engineer
IT Manager & Senior System Engineer
  Full-Time @ Blue-Zoo Animation Studio

London, England, United Kingdom

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At Blue Zoo, we are one of the UK’s busiest, progressive and respected CG animation studios, with over 100 staff (soon to double) in our central London studio. 

We are constantly pushing into new techniques and technologies, we have an exciting range of projects and looking to grow our team, collaborating with a super friendly bunch of extremely talented artists working on world-class animated content.

We're seeking an experienced Head of IT / Senior Systems Engineer to take charge of our mixed Windows/Linux/Vmware infrastructure and managed network.

The role is assisted by a Systems Administrator and will be responsible for ensuring:

  • The reliability and performance of back end as well as endpoint machines

  • The integrity of our projects stored data and databases across all productions and externally hosted services

  • That servers, internet facing endpoints and hosted services are secured

  • That remote access to our network and selected services is available and secured

  • The high availability of all our virtualised servers (vSphere)

  • That our servers, workstations, render node resources are utilised effectively

  • That our servers, workstations, render nodes power and cooling requirements are met



The role will also be responsible for the planning, maintenance and expansion of:

  • Our network, firewalls, storage, renderfarm and endpoints

  • Our numerous AD and managed AV policies

  • The automation of OS/software deployments and users management (WDS, PDQ deploy)

  • Our internally developed tools (Bash, Python)

  • Our render manager, it's integration with our pipeline and with cloud hosted services

  • Our Google Apps advanced configurations and security policies

  • Our IP-PBX system (Asterisk)

  • Our backup processes, including offsite tape based backups (Python, HP Data Protector)

  • Our hardware and software maintenance contracts with vendors and suppliers

  • Escalated hardware or software support cases with vendors and suppliers

  • Our ticketing system



  • Ability to provide cost effective solutions to new hardware and software requirements

  • Ability to manage a busy work schedule, appropriately prioritise tasks and carry out assignments with accuracy and on time

  • Effectively select assignments and oversee their delegation to the second member of the team

  • Regularly and effectively communicate with pipeline TDs to ensure optimal integration between systems and pipeline.

  • Ability to closely work and effectively communicate with both technical and non technical staff.

  • A thorough understanding of networking principles, logical network partitioning and advanced network policies in use on managed enterprise switches (vlan routing, dhcp snooping, ip source guard etc.)

  • Strong Bash and Python scripting, and being adaptable in using any other scripting languages if required (eg. Powershell)

  • Ability to oversee the correct installation and connection of all equipment in our server rooms and floors to make sure that power and cooling requirements are met

  • Networking: Experience with setting up and managing LAN/WLANs, firewalls, dhcp servers, dns servers and vpn tunnel configurations

  • Hardware: A solid, broad understanding of current hardware technology, components and hardware troubleshooting procedures

  • Extensive experience in configuring, troubleshooting and securing Windows desktop systems, interpreting event logs, configuring Windows Server services and Active Directory policies

  • Extensive Linux experience with configuring and troubleshooting OS, hardware resources and services via cli

  • Experience with agent based and agentless enterprise monitoring tools / protocols (eg. Zabbix,graylog,snmp,lldp)

  • Experience of managing and developing staff

  • Willingness to perform out of working hours work to change, update or restore services (if necessary and with flexitime)



  • Ability to execute SQL queries

  • Web server administration, load balancing and performance optimisation

  • Django/Python configuration

  • Django/Python Webdev



Competitive, depending on experience





Please email CVs & cover letters to recruitment@blue-zoo.co.uk





This job posting was last updated on June 25, 2018