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Junior Systems Administrator
Junior Systems Administrator
  Full-Time @ Chapeau FX

Los Angeles, California, United States

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As a Junior Systems Administrator, you will report to our Technology Manager and assist him on day to day IT tasks as well as Desktop Support for our team. This is a fast paced environment where you'll need to pivot between tasks quickly while keeping a level head.


  • Perform system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes.

  • Participate in administration of backup operations.

  • Perform regular file archival and purge as necessary.

  • Create, change, and delete user accounts / groups per request.

  • Support workstation management, imaging, and configuration.

  • Ensure proper documentation of systems and procedures.

  • Support in-house application configuration and usage.

  • Maintain asset tracking systems to ensure best management of resources.

  • Assess, troubleshoot, and resolve user hardware/software issues.

  • Repair and recover from hardware or software failures.

  • Maintain license servers.

  • Apply OS, software and firmware patches and upgrades as needed.

  • Upgrade and configure infrastructure systems and software as needed.



  • CentOS / Windows 10 / MacOS Desktop Troubleshooting

  • Windows Server, MacOS Server and Active Directory Experience

  • Strong working knowledge of Linux including command line

  • An understanding of servers, networking, storage and render systems for troubleshooting purposes

  • VFX and/or post industry experience


  • Basic Python / Shell scripting / AppleScript / App Script

  • Experience troubleshooting creative programs such as Flame, Adobe CC, C4D, Maya, Redshift and Nuke is desirable


  • Ability to make sound and logical judgments

  • Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills

  • Ability to present ideas in a user-friendly language

  • Highly self-motivated and self-directed

  • Keen attention to detail

  • Ability to follow documented methods and procedures

  • Ability to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment and make sound decisions in emergency situations

  • Ability to work alone under their own initiative or as part of a team

  • Available to work evenings and flexible hours

  • Ability to lift 25 pounds.


This job posting was last updated on June 20, 2018