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Lead Systems Administrator
Lead Systems Administrator
  Full-Time @ Image Engine Design Inc

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Lead Systems Administrator will take ownership of the maintenance of Image Engine’s hardware and software systems. They will work with the IT Manager to identify/prioritize current or potential system requirements or issues to enable Image Engine Artists to complete their role effectively, with minimal downtime or disruptions. They will be responsible for all server administration and certification as well as maintaining our in-house servers.

Lead System Administrators will be proactive in researching, analyzing and recommending new software or hardware systems to create efficiencies and improve studio operations. In addition, Lead System Administrators will have a vital role in the development of the System Admin team. They will coach, monitor and train Junior System Administrators to ensure all work completed meets Image Engine quality standards and tasks are completed within the assigned timeframe.


  • Engage in the performance management process such as performance reviews, daily feedback, and mentoring
  • Review scope of work and assign tasks based on artist skills/abilities
  • Communicate successes and challenges faced by the team to the IT Manager
  • Lead team of System Administrators to /assist with the installation, configuration, administration and maintenance of IE’s tech infrastructure; authentication, messaging, DCHP/DNS, Deployment Systems (Cobbler / SaltStack)
  • Maintain and manage the CommVault / Quantum based backup systems
  • Maintain and manage the network infrastructure; Switches & Firewalls
  • Maintain render farm machines onsite & offsite
  • Administration and maintenance of our NAS & Caching Infrastructure
  • Preparation and maintenance of infrastructure documentation on all systems, procedures and solutions to issues
  • Maintain and manage IE’s wide array of open source monitoring tools: OCS, Ganglia, Cacti, Sensu, and Syslog
  • Recommend and Evaluate open source and off the shelf software solutions
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues with production and administration applications (including: Maya, Nuke, Arnold, Houdini)
  • Provide input into potential improvements in efficiency, reliability and performance of VFX pipeline
  • Assist & mentor the desktop support team


  • Must have solid knowledge of and a minimum of 8 years’ experience in Linux/Unix administration. Linux Certification preferred  (RHCE or equivalent)
  • 5 years of VFX pipeline experience including:
    • An understanding of film imagery, formats of image files and codecs
    • Experience with Renderfarm and farm management (ie. Tractor)
    • Experience supporting and troubleshooting VFX software packages (Maya, Arnold, Nuke etc.)
    • Experience with high-end/ high capacity storage systems
    • Experience with license servers (FlexLM, RLM)
    • Experience with imaging service (Cobbler)
    • Experience with maintaining production tracking systems (Shotgun)
    • Experience with installing software packages centrally


Technical skills

  • Experience in installation and configuration servers in a Linux/Unix environment
  • Good knowledge of and experience (2-3 years) in Windows (Windows, Windows Server, Active Directory) and Mac OSX
  • Experience working with NAS and SAN storage systems
  • Basic Unix/ Linux/ Python scripting experience

Core skills

  • Must be able to multi-task and maintain a positive attitude when working under pressure
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Capable of motivating and leading a team, with enthusiasm and clarity
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Excellent time management skills
This job posting was last updated on June 15, 2018