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Studio Sys Admin
Studio Sys Admin
  Full-Time @ Bell Media (CTV)

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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We're looking for a Studio Sys Admin to come work at CTV. Please apply here: https://jobs.bce.ca/bell/job/Toronto-Systems-Administrator-Specialist-ON/470303100/


We’re looking for an experienced studio System Admin: someone who specializes and has focused their career on the installation, maintenance, and management of primarily Apple Macs used for the purpose of video production and editing, post audio, and graphics design. 

We are looking for people who can hit the ground running: demonstrable, multi-year experience in working specifically with Macs in a creative enterprise environment running the applications noted above. Of course, the usual day-to-day Mac maintenance duties are in order: Keychain issues, Outlook, mounting shares, optimizing storage and clearing caches, font issues, driver’s issues, etc. Special consideration will be given to applicants who also have experience with maintaining Avid Media Composer rigs that run on Windows. Here are the technologies we use:


* Experience with OS X / macOS 10.9 to 10.13

* Pro Tools HD 10.10-2018.3 and a myriad of plugins

* Adobe CC Suite from CC2015 to CC2018 and a vast collection of plugins

* Universal Type Client

* Cinema 4D and Muster Render Farm Manager

* Effective and collaborative team member with excellent communication and documentation skills

* Provide desktop (user) support to the Design and Post Production teams and other Apple users where necessary

* Knowledge and experience working in a Video Production/Broadcast Television environment


Minimum 3 years’ experience in following:

* macOS in an enterprise (directory-based) environment

* Knowledge of command line administration and scripting including Bash, Ruby, and Python scripting

* JAMF Pro JSS Casper Suite (CCT is an asset)

* Some experience with large network storage systems and transfer protocols such as NFS, CIFS / SMB, FTP

* Experience with CrushFTP an asset

* Experience with Solar Winds Orion Network Performance Monitor an asset

* Experience with VMware (ESXi) and/or HyperV an asset • Experience with Reposado (+ Maragrita) or JAMF NetSUS an asset 

* Experience with Adobe Enterprise Management Tools

* Bilingualism is an asset (English and French)


Thanks very much.

This job posting was last updated on April 11, 2018