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Technical Support / Sales Engineer
Technical Support / Sales Engineer
  Full-Time @ NIM Labs

Manhattan, New York, United States

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NIM labs is seeking a Technical Support / Sales Engineer with a background in the Media & Entertainment industry.

As a technical support/sales engineer, you'll use your technical knowledge along with sales skills to provide advice and support on the NIM Studio Management platform. This hybrid role requires a deep understanding of the production requirements for the Visual Effects and Post Production industries. Clients range from technical staff, producers, supervisors, business owners, pipeline developers, artists and accounting personnel.

The emphasis of the work will vary from customer support responses, build out and management of the customer-facing knowledge base to technical pre-sales support (product demonstrations, answering “how to” questions, help with the getting started process, development of “best practices” references, etc.)

Technical support/sales engineers are a key point of contact for new clients and provide both pre and after-sales advice. You'll liaise regularly with other members of the sales team and help manage support cases during designated hours.


Candidate should reside on the East Coast, United States



As a technical support/sales engineer, you'll need to:

  • Provide pre-sales technical assistance and product education
  • Develop long-term relationships with clients, through managing and interpreting their requirements
  • Work on after-sales support services and provide technical backup as required
  • Manage the creation and development of all self-service product support content, including the NIM Support Knowledge Base, Getting Started “How To” content and Best Practices videos
  • Arrange and carry out product training for pre-sales engagements and post-sales consulting services
  • Support marketing activities by attending trade shows, conferences and other marketing events
  • Make technical presentations and demonstrate how the NIM Studio Management platform solves specific problems a customer is having or provide additional insight into how NIM can improve existing production environments
  • Work with existing customers as needed to help flush out specifications for new product feature requirements and enhancements
  • Operate as a community manager relaying customer response and suggestions directly to the development team
  • Provide training and produce support material for other members of the sales team



  • Capable of listening to a wide range of customers requirements and thinking creatively to solve the customer’s business needs in varying production environments
  • Candidates must have excellent communication, analytical and organizational skills, with the ability to work in a fast-paced setting
  • Candidate must have excellent presentation skills, that will include demonstrating software and explaining production workflows
  • Strong attention to detail, customer service oriented
  • Good understanding of network infrastructure
  • Support or sales engineer experience in the Media and Entertainment industry a big plus
  • Strong technical background and understanding of the VFX / Post-production industry a plus


Software Experience

  • Proficient at administrating VMs in VMware and/or Oracle’s Virtual Box
  • Proficient in MySQL, PHP, Javascript, and/or Python a plus
  • Strong working knowledge of the administration of Linux operating systems
  • Functional knowledge of production-based software such as Nuke, Nuke Studio, Maya, 3DS Max, C4D, Houdini, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flame, etc.
  • Functional knowledge of render management software such as Deadline


This job posting was last updated on March 27, 2018