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Lead Systems Administrator
Lead Systems Administrator
  Full-Time @ Felix & Paul Studios

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Role and responsibilities

The Lead Systems Administrator is responsible for overall operations of local network,  high performance storage platforms, systems and the Studios’ applications on Linux, Mac OS and Windows platforms. The candidate must be able to handle large scale projects that have an impact studio wide. The candidate will be expected to lead and develop a small IT team and be the point of contact for all the departments for the studio including our camera division, software development, post-production and administration. The candidate will be responsible to perform technology purchasing and will be responsible for allotted budget.

  • Provide systems support for all teams including development, post-production and administration.

  • Be proactive in monitoring tools in order to forecast technology areas that will require attention on ongoing basis

  • Identify and remediate storage (SAN/NAS) or network bottlenecks, infrastructure-wide

  • Assure a successful completion of all data backups in taking into consideration data centers overall power capacity

  • Understand and manage the maintenance of data center power and cooling systems

  • Manage software licenses from analysis to deployment process

  • Maintain and manage various vendor relationships   

  • Troubleshoot across multiple platforms, technologies and environments.

  • Design and development of future infrastructure strategies

  • Install, configure and administer the Studios’ servers and individual computers.

  • Respond to critical system problems to minimize resource unavailability when needed

  • Ensure the team is proactive in resource utilization monitoring, performance tuning, and capacity planning

  • Overseeing the monitoring and troubleshooting of our renderfarm

Required competencies

  • At least 10 years of work experience of hands-on systems administration in a technology intensive environment and at least 5 years of direct Management experience

  • At least 10 years’ experience configuring, maintaining and repairing computer hardware

  • Bachelor’s degree or certificate in related field

  • Experience supporting a VFX pipeline is a great asset

  • Knowledge of common post production software and hardware is a great asset

  • Strong leadership skills, analytical skills

  • Strong communication skills, both in French and English

  • Ability to challenge ideas

  • Highly detail oriented and extremely organised

  • Good networking skills

  • Multiplatform: Linux, OSX, Windows

  • Firewall and network security

  • Ansible automation system is a great asset

  • File server management, NAS, SAN


This job posting was last updated on March 21, 2018