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Developer full stack for multimedia programming
Developer full stack for multimedia programming
  Full-Time @ BLVD

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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We are a commercial post-production facility, located in Montreal, providing our clients with an excellent creative process from ingest, to editorial, vfx, and finish.  We are a group that continually works on improving and refining our post pipeline, while having fun!  We have a talented award-winning team of creatives, amazing producers, and experienced Macgyver type engineers.


The Post-Production Systems Admin will support IT requests from fellow staff, clients, as well as, within the engineering group.  We are looking for someone who is relentless in researching solutions to solve issues, proactive, ability to prioritize and multi-task, as well as, meet deadlines.  A self-motivated individual who can work independently and with a team, is key.  This individual will have the ability to communicate technical information to non-technical client and staff.  The IT group is very excited about the work we do and the company we work with, which is the type of person we would like to join us.




* Knowledge of node.js, javascript for the front end (React, Meteor...), GIT, Bash, Windows and Linux.


* Support / Maintain shared storage, renderfarm, virtual servers, and LTO tape libraries.


* Help Desk Support for users. (Ticketing System)


* Maintain facilities infrastructure; Telephones, HVAC, and Security.



Scripting - Python.


Meteor, MongoDB and elasticsearch


Knowledge of GitLab, Docker, S3, GCS, CI/CD, UE4, C++, Python, Shaders and graphic programmation 


Worked / working in a ‘like’ Post-Production environment.


Ability to quickly learn and implement new technology.

This job posting was last updated on March 5, 2018