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Manager, Production Systems Engineering
Manager, Production Systems Engineering
  Full-Time @ Netflix

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Netflix is the leading provider of streaming video, a lot of it original content: features, shorts, series, documentaries, comedy specials and unscripted content. Optimizing content quality and longevity without compromising efficiency across all types of projects presents significant challenges, but that’s what the Studio Technologies team does by setting technical requirements and best practices, driving new industry standards, consulting on the studio’s technical infrastructure, providing direct support to Netflix Original Productions and staying up-to-date with the most advanced developments in professional and consumer technology. Our engineers are subject matter experts who offer varied yet overlapping backgrounds in motion picture production, post-production and distribution - image science, editorial, color correction, image capture, encoding, compression, storage, video, audio... Every day, we collaborate with the crews as well as our internal production, post-production, distribution, marketing, facilities and development teams.

As Netflix creates more and more programming around the world leveraging new video and audio production technology, the studio’s internal production infrastructure needs are rapidly expanding and evolving to support creative development and production execution.

As part of the Studio Technologies group, you will:

  • Consult on the design of production support facilities for all Netflix office spaces worldwide.
  • Direct vendors through the spec, design, commissioning, integration, updates and support of production systems and work stations.
  • Contribute to the internal production infrastructure strategy and workflow.
  • Outline and execute the maintenance and support program for these systems.
  • Engage internal groups (IT, Networks, Facilities, Content Security) and external parties (vendors, contractors) to implement the above, acting as the liaison/translator between users/operational and technical teams.
  • Devise a strategy to scale the technical support as needed.
  • Support the integration and operation of playback and remote review systems.
  • Evaluate new hardware and software solutions and technology for production.
  • Design technology solutions to fulfill creative needs.
  • Support productions and strategic initiatives beyond production systems, as qualified (for example: color management, HDR, cloud storage and rendering).


  • 10+ years of experience in motion picture post-production, visual effects and/or animation, interacting with creatives and operators, managing maintenance and upgrades.
  • Experience supporting Avid, Nuke, ProTools, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Maya, storage solutions, remote review tools (T-VIPS, Teradek, StreamBox…) and related hardware and accessories (workstations, monitors, tablets).
  • Understanding of cloud storage and computing.
  • Working knowledge of networking for post production, data management, firewalls, transfer protocols, and content security best practices.
  • Basic knowledge of industry standards for picture and sound presentation.
  • Knowledge of video/audio routing and cabling.
  • Experience with integration and basic operation of production playback devices (color-correctors, VFX review systems, NLEs).
  • Relationships with production technology solutions, equipment, integration and service vendors.
  • The communication skills to clearly articulate and document technical processes.A passion for sound and the moving image.

About You

You have a deep understanding of content creation technology and best practices that cultivate quality, security, and efficiency. You care deeply about creating a dependable and technically innovative production environment that seamlessly supports the creative process. You can work openly with artists and operators, fine-tuning the solutions to meet their sometimes exacting expectations. Your passion and curiosity drive you to seek and test new products and paradigms to serve evolving needs.

This job posting was last updated on Jan. 4, 2018