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Method NY - Autodesk Flame Engineering
Method NY - Autodesk Flame Engineering
  Full-Time @ Deluxe

Manhattan, New York, United States

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Flame support / pipeline integration:

• Day-to-day support of Flame/Flare/Flame Assist systems (eg. putting out fires and forming solutions/troubleshooting under pressure)

• Maintain archiving of systems and keep framestores clean and at-the-ready for any large jobs that may suddenly appear. Work with assists to maintain framestores.

• Keeping systems up-to-date with updates, system maintenance, scripts etc, plug-ins

• Look for improvements that can be made to current Flame system/network configurations

• Setup and maintain Shotgun integration w/ facility

• Work with artists and supes to help find solutions to integrating Flame Department into Nuke and CG pipelines more effectively

• Be able to assist with other pipeline/engineering tasks if there is down-time


  • 5+ years of hands on engineering experience with Autodesk Flame.
  • understanding of VFX advertising pipeline
  • Previous engineering support experience with Smoke is bonus.
  • 5+ years of systems administration experience with Linux/Windows environment.
  • automation, bash, puppet scripting experience is highly desired bonus.
  • understanding of post video delivery standard and formats.
This job posting was last updated on Nov. 28, 2017