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Online Services Project Manager
Online Services Project Manager
  Full-Time @ Psyonix

San Diego, California, United States

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Online Services Project Manager

Psyonix, an independent videogame developer located in downtown San Diego, is looking for a qualified Project Manager to work with the Director of Online Services as part of the Online Services (“OS”) team, overseeing the development schedule, scope of work, and operation of Psyonix’s Online Services team. Our Online Services department supports a wide variety of Psyonix’s online systems such as: game features, user profiles, authentication, match making, databases, analytics, and events. As the owner of the Online Services feature timeline, you will be accountable for the planning, execution, and delivery of the online team’s initiatives. This position has a lot of cross discipline interaction and dependencies, including working with studio Producers on project goals. Being a team player and working well with others is a critical skill for the position. 

Core Responsibilities:

• Track progress of work through the feature pipeline:
-Ensure the OS production pipeline is followed by the team
-Understand requirements (design needs met, testing needs, admin needs, etc)
-Answer questions from Production and other departments on progress of work
-Work with Production and other departments to improve the pipeline

• Organize OS tasks:
-Break into sub-tasks
-Gather estimates (and track accuracy)
-Maintain feature schedules 
-Prioritize efforts
-Short per-engineer task queue (for when blocked)
-Maintain OS backlog

• Coordinate with OS Lead, Production, and management:
-Regularly scheduled syncs
-Meet as needed to discussion changes in priority or work delivery issues

Additional Responsibilities: 

• Manage requests for OS resources
• Determine priority, time estimate, available resources, etc.
• Work with OS Director and Production team as needed to schedule work
• Manage coordination with external contractors
• Track the status of their work, ensure they are making progress
• Maintain team calendar and remind team of upcoming events
• Run OS standups and planning meetings with OS Lead
• Help coordinate with other departments for OS needs (e.g., work with QA on OS testing)
• Look at areas of potential optimization within OS (e.g., automation improvements)


• Prior experience working with software engineers
• Excellent organizational skills
• Strong time management skills
• Must be detail oriented
• Solid interpersonal and relationship building skills
• Strong problem solving skills

Please apply on-line at: https://psyonixhr.wufoo.com/forms/online-services-project-manager/
This job posting was last updated on Nov. 10, 2017