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Sr. Core Engineer
Sr. Core Engineer
  Full-Time @ Walt Disney Animation Studios

Burbank, California, United States

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The Software Development team at Marvel Studios is looking for a new senior core developer. This team and the larger technology department have a mission to seamlessly aid in the success of some of the most epic stories ever told.

The Sr Core Developer will design, develop, configure, and maintain centralized systems used for key production workflows throughout the company and interfacing with vendors. Responsible systems could possibly include, but would not be limited to: Review and Dailies Pipeline, Production and Central Databases, Color Pipeline and workflow, Image Processing tools, Render process development, Web Development platforms, Software Environment Management and Repositories, JiRA administration, and Signiant integration.

As a supplemental set of tasks, this developer will analyze existing production and technology workflows looking for time optimizations and workflow improvements. This Developer will also create new workflow tools and corresponding best practices that compliment both the production requirements and the appropriate technology platforms. They may be asked to help with other areas as resources are needed such as pre-production data workflows, vfx tools, stereo pipeline, and post production collaboration between all departments and vendors.


  • Create libraries in a variety of languages that form the core pipeline of the studio.
  • Deliver tools that ease software maintenance and deployment.
  • Participate in code design and code reviews within the software department.
  • Package and deploy third party tools like Qt, Python, OIIO, OCIO, Nuke, and RV.
  • Provide support for tools and systems that support hundreds of production users and vendors.
  • Learn about new technologies and techniques that will improve the production quality of life.

Basic Qualifications

  • 4+ years experience developing within a film, commercial, or similar production environment
  • Very strong experience developing in Python/PyQt and C/C++ for tools and libraries
  • Managing projects within and administration of source control systems (svn or git)
  • Experience developing across multiple platform environments (Linux, Windows, or OS X)
  • Strong user-facing skills, with the ability to understand and react to changing user requirements

Preferred Qualifications

  • Capacity to perform in a fast-paced, time constrained environment
  • Knowledge of production and post production workflows and challenges
  • Production and Development management software (Filemaker, Shotgun, JIRA, )
  • Production application experience, such as Nuke and RV
  • Postgres, MySQL, or similar enterprise level database interface development
  • Experience in a variety of web development platforms
  • Plugin development for third-party applications
  • Familiarity with renderfarm software and customization
  • Unit testing frameworks like py.test
  • Static source code analysis like Valgrind or Pylint
  • Collaboration on open source projects (OIIO, OCIO, OpenTimelineIO, etc.)

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent work experience
This job posting was last updated on Nov. 6, 2017