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Graphics Engineer
Graphics Engineer
  Full-Time @ Psyonix

San Diego, California, United States

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Graphics Engineer

Psyonix, a San Diego based video game studio and creator of Rocket League, is looking for a Graphics Engineer to work with artists and programmers to create and develop visually stunning content for our products. Our ideal candidate will be able to add new functionality to an existing rendering engine.

Responsibilities & Job Duties:

-Design and implement new visual features, using the latest techniques and inventing new ones
-Help the game team set and achieve outstanding rendering performance targets
-Write robust, maintainable, and high-performance code across a wide range of PC specs and modern consoles (Xbox One/Scorpio, PS4/Pro, Switch) 
-Implement custom shaders for in-game special effects
-Work closely with artists to build new content pipelines within the title’s engine and/or 3rd party tools 

Qualifications & Requirements:

-Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or equivalent experience
-3+ years of game development experience, with demonstrated competency in graphics programming
-Strong 3D math skills and the understanding of 3D game engine design and various rendering techniques
-Strong knowledge of fundamentals in object-oriented design, algorithms, and data structures
-Experience using graphics and CPU debugging and profiling tools such as PIX or Razor GPU
-Experience with console development on any recent generation device (Xbox 360/One/Scorpio, PS3/PS4/PS4 Pro, Wii U, Switch)

Please apply on-line at: https://psyonixhr.wufoo.com/forms/graphics-engineer/


This job posting was last updated on Nov. 6, 2017