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VR/ VFX Systems Administrator
VR/ VFX Systems Administrator
  Full-Time @ Legend 3D

Los Angeles, California, United States

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The VR/VFX Systems Administrator is responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting the technology infrastructure for the VR/VFX department of Legend. This includes, but is not limited to, managing the smooth operation and stability of Linux-based servers, workstations, applications, networking, rendering and services storage. It also includes the various software elements around both the core operating system(s) and the various application layer components that are deployed upon that framework.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Creating, updating and deploying workstation, render node and server OS images.
  • Troubleshooting, and optimizing Linux servers and installed software.
  • Monitoring performance metrics, usage and scalability of servers and render nodes.
  • Validating patches, applications, and new software version releases against existing system images
  • Documenting system installations, configurations, policies and procedures. 
  • Proposing, designing and implementing solutions for security controls.
  • Creating and updating documentation, including maintenance logs and end user training / onboarding.
  • Performing upgrades and version management of 3rd party applications.

They will also ensure systems run reliably, plan for and implement upcoming requirements, and respond to service outages or other systems related problems.  They will conduct System performance optimization, and have a thorough grounding in storage and networking concepts and techniques. They will demonstrate a commitment to teamwork, and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Bachelor of Science (4-year) degree in a technical major or equivalent experience.
  • Must be an enthusiastic self-starter who works well in a team environment. 
  • Previous system administration and network administration experience required. 
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication and strong interpersonal skills. 
  • Ability to quickly assess complex problems and make critical decisions to resolve them. 
  • Experience using LDAP integration with AD in a heterogeneous Windows/Linux environment.
  • Familiarity with version control systems. Familiarity with software packages like Maya, Nuke and Houdini helpful. 
  • Experience working in a multi-site or global setup. Proven experience required across Linux, OSX and Windows platforms. 
  • Strong experience required across AD, DNS, DHCP, NIS, LDAP.
  • Experience with VM configuration. 
  • Linux command line and scripting skills eg. Bash/Csh/Python/Perl/etc. 
  • Provide direct user support when necessary, which includes hardware, software and peripherals. 
  • Good knowledge of operating system internals.
  • Experience with multi-site networking and communications. 
  • Familiar with GIT. 
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working with visual effects post-production pipelines.
This job posting was last updated on Oct. 3, 2017