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System Admin / Pipeline Manager
System Admin / Pipeline Manager
  Full-Time @ First Person

San Francisco, California, United States

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First Person is looking for a technically gifted, problem solver who has a passion for design and storytelling.  You will be in charge of building systems and advising teams on how to achieve creative results using our technology systems.  These include Qumulo scale out NAS, FreeNas based file sharing servers, up to 60 workstations running creative software (mostly on mac, but some pc), and a render farm using Deadline for Maya, C4D and After Effects. Ideal candidate is willing to learn the technology in order to create or improve functionality for the artists.



  • Working knowledge of IPV4 networks, Vlans, Routing.

  • Python and Bash ( familiarity with Flask is a plus )

  • Basic understanding of ZFS based storage, Scale Out Nas technology.

  • Familiarity with workflows in Media and Entertainment industry

  • Basic working knowledge of Tape Backup.

  • Working knowledge of operating systems :

    • Mac OS X

    • Windows 2008 Server

    • Linux ( Centos, Debian )

  • Working knowledge of managing Amazon instances and services


Duties :

  • Monitor and maintain infrastructure including :

    • Windows Domain and DNS

    • External DNS services

    • Virtual Machines on XenServer

    • Docker containers

    • Qumulo Storage

    • FreeNas Based Mirror and Archive Storage

    • Network infrastructure ( HP, Mellanox, Dell 6200 , Aruba 7100, .. )

    • Network wiring including Fiber and Copper.

    • Pfsense based firewall and routing

  • Monitor and maintain Core file services, Permissions, Sharing, ...

  • Monitor and maintain Virtualized Renderfarm (Deadline)

    • Manage Jobs and allocate resources

    • Maintain and update VM images for renderfarm

      • Update Farm base image with new plugins and updated releases

  • Monitor and Maintain cloud based infrastructure

    • Amazon EC2 Instances for rendering

    • Amazon S3 storage

    • Amazon EC2 instances for misc services.

    • Heroku instances for services

  • Monitor and maintain Google Services for company operation

  • Monitor and maintain software license servers(list servers)

  • Communicate with vendors and support teams to ensure product health and maximum efficiency.

  • Maintain and update softwares and licenses used on the production floor

  • Research to make sure upgrades in software or changes to the infrastructure has minimal impact on productivity of the company.


This job posting was last updated on Oct. 9, 2017