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RenderMan Senior Software Development Engineer
RenderMan Senior Software Development Engineer
  Full-Time @ Pixar Animation Studios

Seattle, Washington, United States

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For over 25 years RenderMan has been at the forefront of the visual effects industry. Not only has our software been used to create all of Pixar’s movies but it is also widely used in many of the visual effects studios throughout the world. We are looking for a talented and experienced Senior Software Development Engineer to work on Tractor. Tractor is Pixar's distributed processing solution for rendering and other network intensive applications. Derived from years of experience in managing the demands of the worlds largest render farms, Tractor is specifically engineered to address the extreme scalability and performance requirements of today's multi-core networks. Tractor is currently deployed at some of the biggest VFX studios in the industry and in this role you will have an opportunity to design, implement and support its future.

This role requires someone with great people skills and is comfortable working in a fast paced, dynamic environment. We are a small group and need someone who is comfortable working across multiple disciplines. Direct responsibilities include support for our existing customers and as well as new feature development. You need to be skilled at engineering scaleable network services and deploying fixes to software being used in production. 


  • Develop new Tractor features based on customer feedback and priorities
  • Work closely with RenderMan product developers on Tractor integration
  • Work closely with our customers to identify and address their issues
  • Participate in regular status and planning meetings
  • Contribute to user documentation
  • Occasional travel to VFX studios for onsite support  


  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Proven track record of designing, developing, and operating software at scale
  • 5+ years of software product development experience
  • 5+ years experience developing largescalable, distributed systems
  • Significant competency in C++, Python, PostgreSQL, Javascript, CSS
  • Experience developing browser and Qt user interfaces, and their REST APIs
  • Experience designing efficient database schemas
  • Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills including network stacks
  • Experience developing system services on multiple operating systems (Linux, Mac and Windows)
  • Literacy in evolving cloud technologies, including containerization and security
  • Working background in Operations Research or operating system scheduling a plus

Pixar is an Equal Opportunity Employer. | Follow us on Twitter @PixarRecruiting.

This job posting was last updated on Sept. 20, 2017