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Technical Operator
Technical Operator
  Full-Time @ MPC (The Moving Picture Company)

Manhattan, New York, United States

Apply via E-Mail

Responsibilities include:

Ingest & Create media using any one of several hardware and software platforms for network artist access and client approval.

Operate HDCAM-SR and Digibeta decks for laybacks and routing to artists.

Use various encoding applications to create to Quicktimes, WMV's, Image Sequences, etc. of artist renders for client approval.

Process dailies using custom in-house software scripts to create offline video files for editorial delivery.

Prepare artwork, audio files, and rough cuts for Flame & Smoke artists. Sync and push data across our other sites in Los Angeles, London and Bangalore.

Work closely with coordinating staff and supervisors to meet all delivery deadlines.

Logging tapes and other kinds of media into database.

Skills and Experience:

Knowledge of tape and file formats a must. Basic knowledge of graphic and compositing applications is beneficial. Good working knowledge of Smoke beneficial. 

Strong organizational and communication skills. Work well independently as well as with others in a team environment.

Strong proficiency in both Mac and PC operating systems. Familiarity with Linux-based command line operations is a plus.

Excellent problem solving abilities.       

At least 1 year experience at a post-production facility in a technical capacity. 2 years preferred.

Ability to prioritize workload and maintain an organized library and archive of media.

Must be able to handle the fast-paced environment of commercial post-production and juggle many jobs at once.

This is an exciting opportunity to work in the dynamic world of visual effects. If you are interested, please email your resume with a cover letter.

This job posting was last updated on July 7, 2017