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Director of Pipeline
Director of Pipeline
  Full-Time @ MYTH VFX

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Looking for Director of Pipeline

Location: Los Angeles


A new Beijing based production / post-production / VFX management company, is seeking an Director of Pipeline to oversee development and production across our main office in Beijing as well as a satellite office in Los Angeles.  We’re looking for someone with the vision to help plan and architect a long-term workflow as well as the ability to dive into the day-to-day operations of an international, multi-location production company.  


Have you dealt with vfx and post-production pipelines across a range of facility sizes?  Do you have both development, implementation and management experience and are interested in being part of a positive, collaborative team?  Drop us a line! 

We’re a new company with a big plan and we have to get started immediately.  You will be in on the ground floor of a company that will be handling production, post-production and VFX management on some of the largest film projects ever made for the China market.


Necessary Experience:

  • Experience architecting and maintaining VFX pipelines at a range of facility sizes, large and small on very large projects.
  • OOP, Python, Perl, QT, C++
  • Shotgun/Toolkit development expoerience
  • Maya, Houdini, Nuke
  • Experience dealing with large scale data flow and manipulation, both in-bound and out-bound from facility.
  • Excellent communication and ability to work within a range of team sizes.
  • Ability to both implement as well manage teams of developers and pipeline TDs.
  • Experience with post-production workflows is a bonus (editorial, DI).



  • Primary architect, development + production supervisor of pipeline for a global production, post-production and VFX management company.
  • Implement custom tools, plugins, add-ons, oversee on-going pipeline operations, manage a small team of pipeline developers and TDs.
  • Emphasis on asset management, production tracking, cross-site review and data transfer tools.  Multi-vendor environment with rigorous data management needs.
  • Liaison with software and service vendors with an interest in licensing pipeline platforms, tools, and development to serve as a base for in-house development
  • Collaborate with IT/Systems dept as necessary for integration and workflow and to help shape overall systems.
  • Communicate with all sites, including remote VFX vendors regarding delivery specs, submission tools and APIs.
  • Consult and collaborate with Production teams to ensure schedules and goals are met.
  • Report to VP Digital Production to identify, plan, prioritize and implement ongoing pipeline roadmap.

 please send your resume to recruiting@mythvfx.com if you are interested!

This job posting was last updated on May 23, 2017