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Director of IT Systems
Director of IT Systems
  Full-Time @ MYTH VFX

Beijing, China

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Director of IT Systems
A new Beijing based production company is seeking an Director of IT Systems to oversee global IT and Systems across our main office in Beijing as well as an office in Los Angeles.  We’re looking for someone who can help plan and architect a long term vision for the company’s infrastructure and workflow as well as the ability to dive into the day-to-day operations of an international, multi-location production company.  We’re looking for a thinker and a collaborator with management experience, who is interested in being part of a positive, collaborative team where input into the decision making process is expected.  The ideal candidate has come up from the trenches and has the ability to execute as well as effectively manage a larger team.  
We’re a new company with a big plan and we have to get started immediately.  You will be in on the ground floor of a company that will be handling production, post-production and VFX management on some of the largest, most exciting film projects ever made in China.  If you think you’re a good fit, drop us a line! 
Basic Qualifications:
  • Natural communicator with excellent problem-solving skills.  Likes to work within a team environment and mentor more junior team members.
  • Enjoys working to craft creative solutions to complex problems under the pressure of production.
  • 3-5 years of leadership and management experience in an IT/Systems dept.
  • 5+ years in a technical non-management role.
  • Mandarin/English fluency is a must.
  • Bachelors Degree in Information Management/Technology, Computer Science or other relevant technical field.  Graduate experience a bonus.
Necessary Experience:
  • Linux System administration (RHEL/Cent OS).
  • Deep understanding of network administration in a mixed OS environment with varied data needs across end-users. DNS, DHCP, NIS, NFS, IP, subnetting etc.
  • Designing and Operating complex systems for companies with multiple international offices.  
  • Dealing with large amounts of data moving and syncing across multiple locations around the world.  VPN, transfer protocols (Aspera, Signiant, etc).
  • Prefer a candidate with significant experience in a VFX/post-production environment.
  • Understanding of cloud solutions infrastructure and systems management.
  • In-depth understanding of managing high-load, enterprise NAS/SAN systems, render farms, mixed ethernet/sfp/fibre networks.
  • PCoIP
  • Designing custom systems tools; i.e. Virtual file systems, crons, custom data display and management, ip based data transfer tools, etc.
  • Strong Shell scripting, Python, Java
  • Design and ensure ongoing healthy operations and administration of local + remote storage, networks and systems.
  • Ensure/Troubleshoot: IO efficiency, network bottlenecks, backups, data center cooling and power infrastructure, licensing, email and various operational servers,
  • Think and implement on your feet. Be generally ready for a fast-paced, dynamic production environment with new challenges and fires to extinguish daily.
  • Ongoing hardware/software technology budgeting, forecasting and vendor relationships + management.
  • Provide regular discussion/status reports regarding planning and ongoing operational updates.
  • Collaborate with production and pipeline departments regarding the IT/systems planning and operations in relation to pipeline and workflow.
  • Manage systems administrators and IT tech staff locally in Beijing as well as remotely in Los Angeles.  
  • Ongoing maintenance of local fast storage, tiered storage, networks, backups, data center infrastructure, cloud infrastructure and data transfer technologies.
  • Design and architect systems tools as necessary.
Please send your resume to recruiting@mythvfx.com  with "Director of IT Systems - Your Name" in the subject line if you are interested in this position.  
This job posting was last updated on May 2, 2017