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IT Support
IT Support
  Part-Time @ Iloura

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Iloura is currently seeking an IT Support technician to join our team on a short term contract. The successful applicant will participate in the technical support of IT related infrastructure. They will have the following attributes: 

  • At least 4 years relevant work experience in a similar role
  • Experience with Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Understanding NASs, networking and server infrastructure
  • Understanding of VMWare ESXi
  • Understanding of VFX and render pipeline is favourable
  • Python scripting experience is favourable
  • An approachable, proactive and problem solving attitude.
  • Ability to self manage, prioritise and work to deadlines.
  • Work well within a team environment.


Please send your CV via email to:
melbrecruit@iloura.com.au with the subject line:



** Please note this position is only open to those with the right to work in Australia. Unfortunately no relocation assistance offered**

This job posting was last updated on March 29, 2017