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Media Services UpLoader-Graveyard
Media Services UpLoader-Graveyard
  Full-Time @ FotoKem

Burbank, California, United States

Apply via E-Mail

Candidate must be extremely organized as they are juggling multiple tasks at once. They should be able to be exposed to and learn new software without reservations.  They should be aware and have some experience with the following:

  • Reading and understanding work-orders and Purchase Orders
  • Reading and understanding HTML and XML
  • Mounting and moving data from hard-drives on Macs, Windows and Linux computers
  • Utilizing VNC to access other computers
  • Using command line tools on all 3 platforms
  • Utilizing various web based cloud storage systems to move data to and from our facility
  • FTP deliveries
  • Aspera Client and Faspex
  • Signiant Media Exchange

FotoKem offers competitive hourly wages and excellent health benefits

Principals only, no phone calls please

Submit resumes to jobs@fotokem.com

This job posting was last updated on March 15, 2017