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Network Engineer
Network Engineer
  Full-Time @ FuseFX

Los Angeles, California, United States

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FuseFX is currently searching for a Network Engineer to join its Technology team. The primary focus of this position is Network Administration, Design and support. Candidate will work to implement and improve the existing in-house FuseFX infrastructure and interconnectivity at all three FuseFX sites. Candidates will contribute to designing architecture in addition to evaluating and integrating third-party solutions for hardware, software, and workflow for maintenance of operations across a multi-site world-class visual effects facility.  Candidates with a Visual Effects background or understanding highly preferred. 

FuseFX is a visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television and commercials.  



High availability, high throughput networking.

5+ years’ experience.    

Experience with multiple-site networks.

Experience with switches / routers and firewalls.

Experience with VLANs, ACLs, etc. 

Knowledge of Windows, clients as well as servers, using them for AD/DNS/DHCP/ETC. 


Desired knowledge and experience:

Knowledge or experience on Brocade (IP and FC) are a BIG PLUS.

Knowledge or experience on Palo Alto firewalls.

Experience with Google cloud computing or any cloud rendering. 

Cloud use of O365 and Adobe applications / email. 

EMC Isilon and Quantum Stornext. 

Artist support, experience with applications from Adobe / Autodesk / Foundry / Thinkbox. 

Degree in MIS, CS, telecomm and film, or significant experience. 



All LAN/WAN administration: switches, WiFi, routing, firewall, etc. 

All inter-site connectivity and internet connectivity. 

Improving mechanisms for client delivery: SFTP, Aspera, others. 

Enhancing security and monitoring compliance. 


Supporting all employees with anything network related and assisting in general support when available. 


We require somebody with exceptional attention to detail who is observant, intelligent, communicates clearly, is collaborative, is able to solve problems and eager to learn new things. 


We require candidate be able to assist in physical installation of equipment, such as lifting 50lbs to standing height. 


Please send resumes and salary requirements to info@fusefx.com
Visit www.fusefx.com for additional information

No calls. 




This job posting was last updated on Feb. 13, 2017