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Quantum's NAB Pre Cap Webinar On Demand
6 Things You Should Know About Quantum From NAB

StorNext 5 Offers the Industry’s Best Workflow-optimized Storage

Quantum delivers end-to-end storage solutions provide the most efficient workflow performance and scalability.

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We Take the Complexity Out of High-Resolution Content Creation

StorNext 5 with Lattus™ can extend online storage to remove the complexity from your content production workflows and deliver predictability and efficiency—regardless of resolution including 4K, 8K, and beyond.

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StorNext 5 Makes Public Cloud Easy

StorNext 5 is now ready for the cloud—get started in minutes right from StorNext with no upfront costs, pay as you go, with no extra hardware or software required.

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Xsan with StorNext 5

Maintain your Xsan investment while modernizing your workflow for high resolution, new content challenges like ‘over-the-top’ (OTT) and re-monetization opportunities.

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Content Archive For Profit

Content is king—today and always. Monetization opportunities in this fast-paced content delivery environment now go beyond delivery. Quantum has solutions to help you manage your content efficiently at every scale, for every archive need; tape, object storage, cloud.

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Archive for Non-StorNext Users

For customers in rich media fields that don’t already have StorNext and Storage Manager, Quantum announces Artico—an intelligent, scalable scale-out NAS solution to deliver expandable, manageable archive for every environment. Tape, cloud, object storage, all are easy with Artico and its policy driven archive.

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