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SSA London Social @ Jigsaw24

The first SSA London event of 2015 sees a powerhouse line-up of cutting edge systems presented by the technical experts from each company. Hosted at Jigsaw24’s brand new Golden Square offices, Soho’s latest purpose built event space for our industry. As well as the speakers listed below there will be other specialists on-hand from each vendor to talk with, and some hands on demo stations for some of the systems being discussed. You’ll be welcome to join us from 6pm with presentations starting around 6.30pm. Each slot will be kept to a strict 20 minute, tech-talk-only affair so there’ll be no drowning in sales pitches and Powerpoints! Booze will be flowing, food will be ample.

Talking at the event will be:

:: Panasas - Hybrid Scale-Out high performance NAS ::

George Folden - Senior M&E Systems Engineer & Account executive
George will provide a technical overview of Panasas’ NAS platform, their PanFS filesystem and how it differs from other market players such as his previous employers - EMC and Quantum, where he also held highly technical roles.

About Panasas … Optimized for parallel NFS (pNFS) throughput and designed with private cloud implementations in mind, Panasas® ActiveStor® scale-out storage appliances scale via a modular, buy-as-you-grow blade architecture. ActiveStor is based on industry standard disk storage and delivers unrivalled performance per gigabyte. It provides effortless capacity expansion to eight petabytes (PB) and linear performance scaling to 150 gigabytes (GB) per second – the industry's highest system throughput per GB of disk storage for a scalable file system. With the intelligent use of SSD technology, the fifth generation Panasas ActiveStor 16 storage system is optimized for mixed workloads delivering both small file and large file performance. This unique approach makes the Panasas scale-out storage system ideal for highly unstructured big data workloads.

:: HP Z Server – Virtualised Workstation servers (DL380Z) ::

Ben Cranks – Lead Technical Consultant for Virtualisation
Ben will provide us with a technical insight into the work done by HP and Nvidia to bring the HP DL380z to the market and what it can help us achieve in the M&E market. The increased potential that these new virtualised GPU platforms bring for ramping up and down capacity when required has been a hot topic for a while now, we’re very excited to get more in-depth with the system and will have some on-hand at Jigsaw’s office for ongoing testing and demonstration after the event.

:: NVidia Grid – Virtualised GPU Servers ::

Mike Walsh – Senior Solutions Architect
Mike and the Grid team will be on hand to discuss the latest features and developments on the Grid and VCA platforms as well as what we may see coming soon on that front.

:: Fusion IO (A Sandisk company) - Advanced Flash Storage ::

Justin Wheeler - Senior Sales Engineer
Justin will bring updates on the Fusion IO range suitable for the M&E market from a workstation and database perspective as well as how the acquisition by SanDisk will affect pricing, availability and development roadmap.

Sign up here: http://www.jigsaw24.com/fcp/content/events/content#ssa

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