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SSA Sydney Social w/Avere Systems
StudioSysAdmins, Avere Systems, StormFX and Flying Bark would like to invite you to Flying Bark Productions 62-68 Church Street, Camperdown, NSW 2050 on Thursday February 12th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm  for an evening socialising with local SSA colleagues, enjoy some libations and snacks.
Jim Thompson, Avere’s World Wide Senior Systems Engineer for Media & Entertainment will do a brief talk about Avere’s on prem optimisation and aggregation technology. He will conclude his presentation with an introduction to Avere’s cloud storage and cloud compute solutions. Please join us for a fun and informative evening.
Flying Bark Productions
62-68 Church Street
Date and Time:
6:30pm Thursday 12th February 2015
StudioSysAdmins Members Attending (5)
Jeremie Ryan
Kelly Turner
Kim Pearce
Teddy Dlukulu
Xavier Desdoigts
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