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How Does Santa Do it All in One Night?

How does Santa do it all in one Night?

  • Wednesday, December 10, 2014

    6:45 PM

  • Claim Jumper

    3500 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA (map)


  • Ask the host(ess) to direct you to the large conference room for the MESS Event!
  • Parallel Execution Across Distributed Resources (of course)!

    Many theories exist as to how Santa delivers a toy to every child in one night, but most in the technology field understand Santa to be the ultimate example of a scale-out execution model that leverages embarrassingly-parallel adaptive operations on a global scale (with a lot of love mixed in). 

    For those of us in media contending with high-stress release dates, should we be using the Santa Model to distribute our rendering, transcoding and various other media workloads across multiple facilities - and the Cloud - without having to assemble an army of Elves or a brigade of reindeer? 

    Join us for the MESS-LA event that is sure to make Christmas history, as we journey through questions like: When does geo-distributed processing and rendering win-out over high-speed & consolidated render systems? Is the Cloud ready for real content rendering and transcoding? Or do elves' gremlins persist in this model? Will Santa put coal in my stocking if I fail to attend this holiday MESS event?

    Distributed Rendering, Real-Time Analytics, Quantum-mechanics, and Holiday Cheer… all are on-tap.

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