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MESS Data Grids in Los Angeles

Data Grids: Ready for the Massive Scale needs of Big Content & Big Data?

  • Wednesday, November 19, 2014

  • Claim Jumper

    3500 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA

Imagine you have 100PB of data to share among 17 locations, each needing access to amorphous data sets at random times. The data should move via automation, always be available, and applications need *not* know where it resides: tape, disk, or RAM.   Now imagine this is the year 2000.  Not possible? Au contraire! The Scientific community has been moving PB-sized datasets for decades, and LONG ago built intelligent Grids to secure & automate where the data lives. Can we apply Grid-technology to our situations as we all grapple with 4K video, analytics Data Lakes, and a general data explosion? 

Join us for the November MESS as we dig into technologies like Apache Falcon, iRODS and Meridian to find the sensible use cases, and compare them to alternate ‘Grid-like’ technologies such as StorNext and GPFS.

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