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Data on-the-Move: Accelerating & Automating Where Data Lives

Data on-the-Move: Accelerating & Automating Where Data Lives

  • Wednesday, October 15, 2014

    6:45 PM

  • Claim Jumper

    3500 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA (map)

  • We will be in the larger conference room adjoined to the main dining area.
  • MESS October will be held in Burbank!

    One would think that in the Age of the Clouds, data location would be irrelevant…however, with Big Content & Big Data some of the critical factors for efficient processing remain "location, location, and location.”  Why? We love data - and because there is soooo much to process it must be in the right location for timely and cost-correct operations. But how does one ‘move' Big Data effectively? Join us for the October MESS and discover why getting Content and Data Sets where they need to be remains a dance requiring planning, skill, and a great set of tools.

    Our new MESS event format will start with mingling, followed by an abbreviated panel, then several round-table break-out sessions for more focused, in-depth discussions.  Engage. Get your questions answered. Leave MESS smarter and better equipped than you came.  


    Here's the breakdown:

    Food/Drink/Networking: 6:45 PM

    Panel Discussion:  7:15 PM

    Roundtables:   8 PM

    more Food/Drink/Networking

    Wrap-up: around 9 PM


    Thank you very much to our sponsors PixSpan and Aspera for providing refreshments:

    Claim Jumper appetizers and snacks, along with fantastic beer & wine. Remember to bring a friend, and RSVP

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