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2015 Sponsorship & Advertising Information

What is StudioSysAdmins

StudioSysAdminsis the one and only social networking community dedicated to improving infrastructure, workflows and support across the Entertainment Industry. An expanding community with one common site that joins Systems Administrators, Technical Directors, Pipeline Developers, Consultants, Hardware/Software Support Engineers and Hardware/Software Vendors and Resellers that currently work in and/or support digital media and content creation studios in the areas of animation, visualization, visual-FX, film, and games.

Our goal is to enable the sharing of all non-proprietary information among all of our members and to maintain open discussions between Studios, Vendors and VARs to determine standards in order to help improve support for purchasing decisions, installation, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of hardware, software and operating systems.


Why Join StudioSysAdmins

As a member of our community you will have the opportunity to interact and follow trends of over 1000 members from ~500 production studios located in 37 countries around the world. In the past 6 years, we have over 2000 members in from over 800 companies (including vendors and VARS) to date. Studio members that recommend and/or make the final decision of what products will be used in their companies.

In addition to our website, members can meet face-to-face at StudioSysAdmins sponsored local area meetings and events (tradeshows). We currently hold our regular local area meetings in London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore (starting soon) Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver and continue to expand our coverage as our membership grows.


Why Pay for Sponsorship

Vendors paying for a Company Membership will show your dedication to the members of the StudioSysAdmins community. All fees will be used to fund our community events, administration and keeping our website up-to-date. StudioSysAdmins will be hiring a Site Administrator and Site Developer to keep information on the site current as well as continue to improve and add new features.


Two Sites for the Price of One

When you sponsor StudioSysAdmins you will also be sponsoring our new website for artists - Creativity Reactor.

By expanding our reach to artists (which move between studios frequently), we will be able to expand our reach to studios that do not have systems administrators as well as help spread the word to studios that have not yet heard of StudioSysAdmins.

All subscribers will automatically have their information available on both sites, giving you access to a much larger audience. Visit http://www.CreativityReactor.com to compare.


Annual Fees

Please contact Info@StudioSysAdmins.com for pricing options and availabilty.