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SSA Vancouver with Mainland & Ignite

Studio SysAdmins Vancouver - June 17, 2014





Time:    6:00pm—8:30pm

             Doors open at 5:30pm; Meeting starts at 6pm

Date:    June 17, 2014

Place:   685 Great Northern Way


Presenter: Ash D’Costa, BSc                                             

                  Chief Technical Officer

                  Mainland Information Systems Ltd.


Topic 1) Today’s Innovations in Storage and Backup/Recovery

Once upon a time a company called Sun Microsystems stated that the network is the computer and predicted that computers will become peripherals to storage.  Sun is now gone, but their uncanny premonition lives on.  Ever increasing storage demands has put some of the greatest pressures on computer systems infrastructure.  Disk performance expectations are at an all-time high and the demand for storage capacity seems to be insatiable.  These pressures have triggered two of new innovations in systems infrastructure: solid state (flash) storage arrays and out-of-band backup/recovery.

In my presentation, I will be describing how the latest generation of flash storage systems can satisfy ultra-high storage performance needs while still delivering storage capacity nearly equivalent to today’s traditional spinning-disk storage arrays.  As well, I will be discussing a second innovation that addresses the unfortunate side-effect of rapidly increasing storage capacity: how do I back it all up without tanking the backup server(s)?  Imagine applying software-defined data center concepts to traditional backup/recovery infrastructure: separate the control plane from the data plane, creating a “backup-server-less” backup/recovery architecture with fewer bottlenecks than the traditional approach.

I’m sure you’ll find this to be an informative session, so stop by armed with all your questions!

Ash D’Costa - Chief Technology Officer

Ash has over 20 years of IT experience. He began his career with MVS and VM mainframes, moving on to UNIX and Windows systems, and now into the virtual data centre infrastructures of today. As Mainland’s CTO, Ash helps guide the company’s technology direction by staying on top of the latest industry innovations and through regular interaction with Mainland’s customers and business partners. Ash holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from the University of Alberta and lives in Calgary.



Presenters:  Steven Taylor            

                     President of igniteCSG


                     John Legare

                    Senior Collaboration Engineering


Topic 2) The Adoption of Collaboration

An update on some of the recent changes with Collaboration and how organizations are using these tools to bring about cultural change within their teams. 



Steven Taylor, President of igniteCSG with over 17 years in the communication industry with a heavy focus on unified communication & video conferencing

John Legare, Senior Collaboration Engineering with over 25 years in the communication industry specializing on new technologies to enhance communications  



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