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Qumulo Beer & Banter w/IC Technology

Modern Scale-Out Storage for Enterprises with Data-Intensive Workloads

DATE: Thursday, June 22nd

TIME: 6:00 - 9:00pm

VENUE: The Craft Brasserie
107 Atlantic Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 1Y2, Canada  |


Customers tell us they’re in a scalability crisis as the rapid growth of their file-based storage exceeds the fundamental design assumptions of existing scale-out NAS. The reality for current storage users is that legacy scale-out NAS is now at the limits of its aging architecture.

Qumulo Core is a modern scale-out storage system designed for the new era of multi-petabyte data scale, on premises and in the cloud. Our product sets a new standard for efficient storage use and throughput as cluster size grows to petabyte levels and beyond.
Join us and learn how Qumulo customers:
  • Use storage technology that was built for the modern era
  • Spend less money on the cost of acquiring storage and managing the data contained within
  • Eliminate the waste and risk associated with data blindness
  • Run on hardware supplied by Qumulo and on the HPE Apollo series of servers.
6:00pm - Registration & Networking
6:45pm - Welcome by Qumulo and current customers
7:00pm - Networking, food, and drinks
*This is a free, private event for selected IT end users. Registration is required for attendance. 
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