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Escape Technology & Google Cloud Platform Breakfast

Join Escape Technology at Google's London headquarters as we explore the Google Cloud Platform and how it can be used for burst render.

A common issue in VFX

Every studio is familiar with the dreaded scenario: it's late on a Thursday and your client wants to see revisions in the morning. But render time just won't allow it. 

Until now your only options would be to hire in more render kit, or buy it. But with Google Cloud Platform you can simply spin up as many machines as you need, for as long as you need them and get that render done in minutes instead of hours.

But what needs to happen to your pipeline for you to take advantage of cloud rendering?

The main agenda

Escape Technology's Lee Danskin will be joined by experts from Milk VFX, Google, and more special guests to discuss pipeline upgrades and the world of Google Cloud Platform in an honest and holistic conversation.

Discover how cloud rendering can enable you take on bigger jobs, and sign up for a free site survey to get you on the right track. Google will also be giving away free rendering vouchers worth $500 to all attendees.



Google - 1-13 Saint Giles High Street London WC2H 8AG GB - View Map

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