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Max Q L.A. @ Sony DMPC

Thursday, December 03 at 5:00pm

Max Q LA

10202 West Washington Blvd, Stage 7 Culver City CA


AbouMax Q LA is a Qumulo user group. However, you don't need to be a current Qumulo customer to join us - VM/hardware eval'ers and enthusiasts are welcome!

For our Q4 '15 meetup, we'll be converging at the Sony Digital Motion Picture Center (10202 West Washington Blvd, Stage 7) on Dec 3 at 5PM. On the agenda, we've got a roadmap update from Qumulo VP of Product, Jeff Cobb, and an interactive API lab run by our Developer Advocate, Michael Murray. Of course, there will be plenty of time to mingle, enjoy food and beverages (provided by Qumulo), and we'll have a live cluster as well as VMs to play with. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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