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posted by Escape Technology on June 25, 2015 (7 years, 1 month, 23 days ago)

This week sees the launch of our new event Creative Rooms.

Hosted by Escape Technology and our partners Autodesk, Eizo, Mellanox, NVIDIA, PNY, HP, Wacom, Next Limit, and Computers Unlimited.

Creative Rooms is a popup in Soho. Themed around the idea of start-ups and scalable technologies, we're laying on talks, seminars, workshops, and competitions over 8th and 9th July. Two days of creative goodness!

Among the exciting line-up you'll find a panel discussion about how to set up a creative studio, with our guests Will Cohen (Milk VFX) and Nico Cotta (Cherry Cherry) talking with Mark Cass. 

We've also got Mellanox shedding some light on scaling up to 4K workflow, and Autodesk will be telling us about how to get the most out of your software with their new desktop subscriptions service.

Make sure you book in for these exclusive events - space is limited, but the drinks plentiful.


Autodesk: Desktop Subscriptions 101

There’s a new more flexible way to manage your Autodesk licences. Learn how Desktop Subscriptions can support your studio’s growth.

How to start a creative studio

Just what is involved in setting up your own studio? Join Milk VFX's Will Cohen and Nico Cotta of Cherry Cherry to find out!

Mellanox: Connecting Technologies

If 4K is putting more demand on your existing infrastructure, learn how Mellanox technologies enables studios to scale up to 4K ultra HD workflows in a cost effective way.

Maya Clinic

A Maya expert from Autodesk will cover the new features in the 2016 focusing on key new features such as Bifrost and Xgen. Bring along any questions or customisation requests you may have.

Closing Party

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