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posted by StudioSysAdmins on Nov. 17, 2013 (8 years, 9 months ago)
Searching member videos

Our member video database allows members to share content within the community.

Videos can be posted by a company to be seen on their company profiles, ie: demo reels, shorts, interviews, etc, or, they can be posted by members to show their personal demo reel, or just something fun.

Using the search menu on the top allows you to narrow down the list of videos to choose from.

To post a new video to our database, simply click on the "Post New Production" button.

Adding/Modifying a video

When adding or modifying a video, please make sure you have the proper link code from either YouTube or Vimeo.  We do not require the full information of the video share link that is usually supplied.

for YouTube


We only require the: hrolo3HdN9A

For Vimeo:


We only require the: 72698996

To add or update your video make sure you click on the appropriate button to save your additions and/or changes.

Viewing a video

On the video profile page you can watch the video at a decent size.

The video information can only be modified by the original poster.

Anyone can add a new video for people to watch on our website, with the exception of non-sponsor Vendors and Service Providers.