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posted by Escape Technology on Aug. 14, 2014 (4 years, 1 month, 4 days ago)

This week the Maxwell team are giving their first sneak previews of their new job manager for Maxwell, here's the lowdown...Don't forget - if you're in Vancouver this week stop by the Next Limit booth and say hi to the team!

What's new?

  • It's a more robust and failsafe system - if something fails it will recover and resume your jobs with no need to restart
  • No more need for a monitor - the job queue can now be managed from a web browser which means you can check in from any computer, smartphone or tablet whilst on the go!
  • Job descriptions will be serializable, which means you could create job templates and use them to add/edit new jobs
  • Everything is scriptable through Python and there is a public API, so it is possible to create scripts for tasks like adding jobs or embedding the manager inside 3rd party systems

And there's a lot more to come...

When will it be released?

The golden question! We hope to be able to offer customers a technology preview version with Maxwell Render 3.1 - coming very soon!

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