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posted by StudioSysAdmins on Nov. 17, 2013 (8 years, 9 months ago)
Searching member productions

Our community member production database is continually being built by our members. They do not reflect the entire list of productions and/or a complete list of cast members, etc.

From the Member Productions button in the main drop down list you have a few search options available (by text or by category) to help you find and view a particular producion.

To add a new production to our database, simply click on the "Add New Production" button.

Adding/Modifying a production

When adding or modifying a production in our database, please feel free to edit the description and release information. Also, please attach a poster (usually 200x300) so it will show in the nicely in various places through the website.

To add or update your profile make sure you click on the appropriate button to save your additions and/or changes.

Viewing a production profile

On the production profile page you have several options available.

You can modify the production your are viewing, you can add a new production, or you can associate yourself and the company your worked for to that production.

Registering an association

By registering an association the production will show on a list in your user profile, as well as, show on the company profile for the company you selected on the association form.

If the company you worked for while working on a particular production is not available, you will need to update your member profile and add the appropriate company in order to have it available.

To add a registration, simply click on the "Add Production Association" button.

Removing an association
Once you associate yourself to a production, your information will show on the production profile, companies show up on the list in cases where multiple companies may have taken part in a particular production.

You have the option of removing your association from the list by clicking the "Remove ME" button. However, companies will stay on the list until all members with that company association remove themselves as well.