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posted by ProMAX Systems on July 22, 2014 (8 years, 25 days ago)
ProMAX Systems Acquires Cache-A
Synergies between product lines present opportunities for new advanced workflows

(July 22nd, 2014; Santa Ana, CA) ProMAX Systems, manufacturer of multi-functional, high-performance video storage servers and editing workstations, has announced the acquisition of Cache-A, a leading supplier of network-attached video archive appliances.

Noting a number of synergies between Cache-A and ProMAX product lines, Jess Hartmann, ProMAX CEO stated, “This acquisition builds on ProMAX’s vision of developing technology solutions that enable end-to-end integrated workflows, and improve the video content creation process.” ProMAX will continue to sell the Cache-A appliance product line including Prime-Cache, Pro-Cache, Power Cache as well as the associated libraries and expansion chassis. Hartmann added that ProMAX’s plans include integrating Cache-A’s archival technology into the multi-functional capabilities of Platform storage solutions. Cache-A archival systems have historically been a complementary tool set for ProMAX’s Platform shared storage solutions.

"Both of our companies have been built with the focus of making workflows easier for video production, postproduction and broadcast applications,” noted, Phil Ritti-Cache-A President & CEO and one of the firm’s original founders. Ritti commented, “Cache-A has worked with ProMAX for many years and we have a great deal of respect for the organization. "ProMAX is the perfect manufacturer to continue to develop innovative solutions for professional video customers with Cache-A.”

Cache-A is a leading provider of archival solutions, especially within the media & entertainment industry. Since its 2008 launch, Cache-A has brought unique offerings to professional video archiving and notably remains one of the only archival systems that equally supports TAR and LTFS formats. The company has earned a massive customer presence, holding a leading global position as the preeminent archiving solution, preferred among customers in media & entertainment, including major motion picture studios and television networks, leading post facilities, professional sports teams/franchises, corporate production, higher education, house of worship and government.

Effective immediately, ProMAX will provide ongoing support to existing Cache-A customers, honoring existing warranties, extended warranties and support contracts moving forward.

About ProMAX Systems
ProMAX develops and manufactures award-winning workflow servers, storage systems, and high performance workstations for professional content creators around the world. The ProMAX Platform is a unique shared storage system designed to increase efficiency and improve the content creation process by managing multiple production processes such as transcoding, rendering, asset management, and archiving. The ProMAX ONE+ is a powerful and expandable workstation designed for high-end video workflows and is favored by editors, colorists and VFX artists who require superior performance for high quality video production.

For 20 years ProMAX has expertly devised and supported end-to-end workflow solutions designed to accelerate and advance the content creation process. For more information, visit www.promax.com, follow @ProMAX Systems on Twitter, and see more ProMAX happenings on Facebook and YouTube. See what the Platform shared storage workflow server is all about at www.promax.com/platform.

About Cache-A Corporation
Cache-A’s award-winning, archive appliances are employed daily by thousands of users worldwide, in media/entertainment, Fortune 500 corporations, government departments, higher-education and houses of worship, to securely archive, search and retrieve vital digital assets.

The company was founded in 2008 with a dedication to make archiving easy, and combines extensive experience in data storage and video media, with a reputation for delivering innovation and excellence to digital media professionals at a reasonable cost. Cache-A’s product range includes desktop and rack-mount appliances that are compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix networking infrastructures. Renowned for their ease-of-use, Cache-A products deliver leading-edge performance in video and digital film workflows, and lead the field in using the secure, portable, interchangeable, industry-standard LTFS and tar formats on LTO-6 media. Cache-A’s Pro-Cache was awarded Creative Cow’s prestigious Blue Ribbon in 2011 for “Best Archiving System”, and Power-Cache won Studio Daily’s 2012 Prime Award for “Best User Interface/User Experience”.  http://www.Cache-A.com/.


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