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posted by AlterMedia, Inc. on April 9, 2014 (8 years, 4 months, 8 days ago)

April 2, 2014

Burbank, CA - AlterMedia announces Studio Suite Xi, the latest update to its leading studio management software. Xi provides users global access to mission-critical information via web browser and iOS devices. 

AlterMedia is showcasing this latest development at NAB in Las Vegas, April 7-10, booth SL7424, and expects to be available for purchase within Q2.

 “The release of FileMaker 13 and its WebDirect technology allows us to provide a convenient browser interface to our proven & established workflows,” says AlterMedia CEO Joel Stoner.  “We’ve incorporated many additional features into Xi, focusing on ease-of-use and extended functionality to a greater number of devices.  With this increased accessibility and great new features, we’re looking at significant growth in second and third quarter sales.”

Studio Suite Xi new feature-set includes:

  • Access to view, edit, and create data via web browser.


  • Completely rebuilt, faster calendar.


  • Vastly improved media asset management, including automatic storage of media assets on a shared server, linked to Projects, accessible from anywhere, etc.


  • New light & modern appearance.


  • Major enhancements to Production Budgeting & Reporting, especially for AICE and AICP Budget templates.


  • New “Project Groups” feature allows cross-grouping of related Projects for budgeting and actualizing purposes. Includes Summary reports for Internal and Client use.


  • Includes all AICE & AICP items with Summary Codes, and now corresponding Rates.


  • Exports AICE & AICP sheets to Excel.


  • Call sheets.


  • Ability to edit Project-Event items ‘in-line’ without opening the Edit Event window (ie., edit Event dates, times, status directly from Projects).


  • Operators added to Project Event Resources are:


  1. Shown in Projects as Resource ( Operator ).
  2. Included in Calendar Views under their own row.
  3. Included in Personnel Reports.
  • Rebuilt QuickLog module makes it easier to quickly add multiple items to multiple Projects.


  • Projects contain calculated (based on actual bookings) and human defined Start and End dates, offering flexibility and accuracy.


  • Projects contains a “Price Target” field, which allows a calculation showing how close the existing Project line items get to the Target, and what the Target Difference is.


  • Project and Task Notifications via email.


  • Revised “Also-Books” functionality allows non-Bookable items to be added to Equipment Packages and Collections.


  • Faster / easier way to create Rates for Equipment without changing screens, and also a way to create Rates based on the value of the equipment (great for when you are initially entering a bunch of equipment).


  • Check-in/out of equipment via barcode on iOS devices.


  • Notifications for Equipment Maintenance issues.


  • Flexible filtering on Rate screens allows users to apply Rates from different Categories (ie, a Rate from the Category “Shoot Crew” can be applied to a Contact who is in the Category of “People” or “Camera Operators”.


  • More Sorting options in Projects allow you to also sort Events by Budget Code, Status, and Price.


  • More Filtering options in Projects allow you to filter by Sub-Category and Status.


  • Added ability to globally change the Start or End Date of filtered Events in Projects, similar to the “Slide” feature in Projects and the Set Start/End Times,


  • “Capture to PDF” in Project Budgets allows users to save a snapshot of a budget at any time. These PDFs are automatically saved on the Attach tab within each Project.


  • New “Link Existing Contact” easily stitches together related records in Contacts.


  • In Contacts List Tab, the “Variable Field” menus will now retain selection values from session to session, and also includes more options (and also works better for those that imported data from earlier version of SSX).


  • Main Menu Dashboard filters by Project.


  • Improved Web Glancer Calendar.


  • Addition of QuickLog module to Web Glancer.


  • Improved Web Request.


  • Faster Event “Multiply” picker.



Studio Suite Xi is a powerful, completely customizable business management tool, crafted for the needs of cutting-edge production facilities that consistently produce a high-volume of content on time and on budget. It tracks and manages contacts, budgeting, scheduling, projects, invoicing, library & labels, media assets, equipment & media inventories, communications, maintenance, and more.


Studio Suite Xi integrates with Final Cut, Avid, Pro Tools, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, MYOB & AccountEdge, Address Book, iCal, Outlook, etc..


Solo, Pro, Network versions available. Internet and iOS access available on Network installs.




To learn more about this update, please contact:


Alex Ballar, Media Relations

3727 W. Magnolia Blvd., #830

Burbank, CA  91505

Office: (818) 955-9550 x105

Fax: (818) 955-9660