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posted by ProMAX Systems on March 20, 2014 (8 years, 4 months, 28 days ago)

ProMAX to Give Away a Platform Studio at NAB

20th Anniversary Celebration Starts with Shared Video Storage Grand Prize 

Santa Ana, CA   (March 19th, 2013)  ProMAX Systems, manufacturer of multi-functional, high-performance shared storage servers and editing workstations, is celebrating its 20th Year of business with a Grand Prize giveaway of one of their Platform Studio shared storage systems at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. 

By entering at the ProMAX booth (SL5422), NAB attendees are eligible to win a 16TB Platform Studio Shared Storage System complete with connectivity, remote installation and 1 full year of Preferred Support; a $9,500 value that features:

  • 16TB RAID Optimized for Video Streaming
  • 6 Ports of 1GbE Connectivity
  • USB3 & FW800 Expansion Ports
  • Remote Installation Service + 1 year of Preferred Support

“It’s been a significant year of expansion for ProMAX Platform’s development and visibility in the video shared storage arena.  We are excited to share the Platform’s unique multi-function and high performance capabilities with all NAB attendees looking to do more than just share storage in their workflows,” notes, ProMAX CEO, Jess Hartmann.

Platform Studio has gained industry respect and attention as the first video shared storage solution that’s purpose-built for smaller teams and also offers the same expansion options for Transcoding, Asset Management and Archival, just like ProMAX’s Platform Online and Nearline models.         

ProMAX is even offering to send a reminder on the first day of NAB to anyone who doesn’t want to miss their chance to win the Studio system, by signing up at: http://go.promax.com/NABStudioRaffle2014.html.                                                                                                                   

About The ProMAX Platform Series

Since ProMAX launched the Platform shared storage server in Q4 2012, it has become the most eagerly adopted new product of its kind by video companies of all sizes.  ProMAX changed what video and media professionals expect from shared storage by introducing Platform’s unique multi-functional modules.  Platform gained industry attention by delivering superior video performance and intuitive data management capabilities in addition to powering demanding workflow functions such as transcoding, asset management and archive.  The recently announced New Platform Series models significantly increase the servers’ scalability, adding multi-location features and functions extending from 8 terabytes to 25 petabytes; firmly positioning Platform servers as an Enterprise class solution.

About ProMAX Systems:

ProMAX develops and manufactures innovative media technology solutions; specializing in shared storage servers, high-end editing workstations and storage devices for video and media content creators around the world. ProMAX has been providing expertly devised and supported end-to-end workflow solutions to the media and entertainment, corporate, education, house of worship and government sectors since 1994. CEO Jess Hartmann acquired ProMAX in 2008, and rapidly expanded the company’s product development and manufacturing operations; breaking into new areas of industry leadership by building powerful systems to meet the performance needs of collaborative media creation and demanding post production processes.  Recent customers including the Emmy® webcast; Backstage Live!, Titleist, and Chapman University among others, all know the value of ProMAX’s scalable and multi-functional systems. 

For more information, visit www.promax.com/platform , follow @ProMAX Systems on Twitter, and see more ProMAX happenings on Facebook and YouTube.


Media Contact:  Leslie Mais

(949) 861-2728,  Leslie.Mais@Promax.com