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posted by ProMAX Systems on Feb. 21, 2014 (8 years, 5 months, 27 days ago)

ProMAX and Key Code Media Partner
Former Competitors Team in Channel for Shared Video Storage Line

Santa Ana, CA   (February 21th, 2013)  ProMAX Systems, manufacturer of multi-functional, high-performance shared storage servers and editing workstations for video, has announced a new partnership with Key Code Media to represent ProMAX’s Platform Series. The former competitors have found a new alliance since ProMAX has exclusively moved to manufacturing video shared storage solutions, transitioning away from the firm’s 20 year history serving as a leading VAR to the video post production industry.

The manufacturer and reseller have aligned to increase ProMAX’s outreach not only within the media and entertainment sector but also to expand the New Platform Series’ reach among broadcast, corporate, educational, house of worship and government markets to answer shared video storage and post production workflow needs.

“ProMAX Platform brought some unique technologies and clever approaches to shared storage; robust CPUs which can both transcode and render directly on Platform, replication technologies on a standard Windows 2012 Server.  Platform brings both a unique workflow to the industry along with super competitive pricing.  At Key Code Media, we are focused on defining the best alternatives for our clients enabling them to make investments with solid returns to their business,” summarizes Key Code Media’s President, Mike Cavanagh.

ProMAX CEO, Jess Hartmann adds, “Key Code is well known for its high levels of integrity and client consultative services.  We are building a reseller channel that personifies the high performance and quality standards that are built into our systems. Having known Key Code’s competencies as a competitor, it’s great to be working with their team to expand ProMAX’s visibility in the video shared storage arena.”

About The ProMAX Platform Series

Since ProMAX launched the Platform shared storage server in Q4 2012, it has become the most eagerly adopted new product of its kind by video companies of all sizes.  ProMAX changed what video and media professionals expect from shared storage by introducing Platform’s unique multi-functional modules.  Platform gained industry attention by delivering superior video performance and intuitive data management capabilities in addition to powering demanding workflow functions such as transcoding, asset management and archive.  The recently announced New Platform Series models significantly increase the servers’ scalability, adding multi-location features and functions extending from 8 terabytes to 25 petabytes; firmly positioning Platform servers as an Enterprise class solution.

About Key Code Media

Key Code Media, founded in 2001, services the broadcast, entertainment, corporate, government, education, and house of worship markets. Key Code Media’s primary focus includes editorial systems including remote collaboration, storage and archive solutions, live streaming and broadcast solutions with social media integration, asset management and automation.  Key Code Media’s design and integration department insures timely and effective deployments.  Key Code Media is keeping its clients ahead of technology with offices in Burbank, Irvine, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver. Chicago, and Detroit.  Follow Key Code Media on Twitter @keycodemedia, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Key-Code-Media/272299218382

About ProMAX Systems:

ProMAX develops and manufactures innovative media technology solutions; specializing in shared storage servers, high-end editing workstations and storage devices for video and media content creators around the world. ProMAX has been providing expertly devised and supported end-to-end workflow solutions to the media and entertainment, corporate, education, house of worship and government sectors since 1994. CEO Jess Hartmann acquired ProMAX in 2008, and rapidly expanded the company’s product development and manufacturing operations; breaking into new areas of industry leadership by building powerful systems to meet the performance needs of collaborative media creation and demanding post production processes.  Recent customers including the Emmy® webcast; Backstage Live!, Titleist, Chapman University and The Arizona Cardinals all know the value of ProMAX’s scalable and multi-functional systems. 

For more information, visit www.promax.com/platform , follow @ProMAX Systems on Twitter, and see more ProMAX happenings on Facebook and YouTube.

Media Contact:  Leslie Mais
(949) 861-2728,  Leslie.Mais@Promax.com