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posted by YellowDog on Nov. 6, 2019 (2 years, 9 months, 11 days ago)

YellowDog and Quadbridge announced their partnership at the end of October. This news sees YellowDog’s multi-cloud platform for visual effects and animation studios available for wider resale throughout Canada and USA. 

Full IT Solution for Studios

The combination of YellowDog’s award-winning cloud render solution for visualisation, visual effects, and animation studios coupled with Quadbridge’s expertise in IT management, means that studios can now benefit from direct consultation as well as unrivalled multi-cloud scale for their production speed.

Certified Cloud Experts

Quadbridge is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada and has been on the Growth500 list for three years running. Based in Montreal, they provide clients with hardware and software solutions. Certified cloud experts, Quadbridge, will leverage their direct relationship with YellowDog to provide new and existing customers with a premium multi-cloud render solution, custom-tailored to studios’ unique infrastructures.

YellowDog’s International Customer Base

YellowDog currently works with over 2,000 studios in 45 countries worldwide in Media and Entertainment. Based in the UK, YellowDog’s international customer base is expanding rapidly. The increasing globalisation of the visual effects market means that this partnership comes at a good time for both companies, as global demand for computer generated content continues to soar.

Strategic Partnerships with Customers

Gareth Williams, CEO and Founder of YellowDog said: “YellowDog’s success lies with the strength of its partnerships. Quadbridge is in the midst of a very exciting period of growth – as are we. They are a perfect partner for us as we make a big impact in key media and entertainment communities in Canada and the USA. Quadbridge takes pride in the development of truly strategic partnerships with its customers. That’s exactly why customers love YellowDog too – we’re passionate about working together with studios to define a secure, fixed price, multi-cloud solution that is suited to their needs."



Quadbridge agrees. “YellowDog is exactly the kind of company that we take pride in partnering with,” said Nelson Pacheco, Quadbridge’s Chief Business Development Officer, “and their expertise in facilitating rendering will be of great use to our clients, who are always looking to optimize the use of their infrastructure and streamline their rendering processes.”

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