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posted by YellowDog on Oct. 28, 2019 (2 years, 9 months, 20 days ago)

The multi-cloud render platform, YellowDog, has released full compatibility with V-Ray GPU for V-Ray Next. Studios using V-Ray Next with Maya are the first to reap the benefits. 

YellowDog’s multi-cloud GPU infrastructure can be integrated for any GPU powered production but this latest release provides a turnkey solution for studio IT teams worldwide to accelerate rendering speeds.

V-Ray GPU and V-Ray Next

Chaos Group, a worldwide leader in computer graphics technology, re-named their V-Ray RT engine as V-Ray GPU in 2018. They announced that it was a Production-ready GPU render engine when they executed the release of V-Ray Next.

Whilst V-Ray GPU has fewer features than the CPU engine, its primary benefit to studios is speed and versatility by allowing studios to harness the full spectrum of their hardware.

Additionally, with the latest V-Ray release, users can take advantage of NVIDIA RTX ray-tracing cores to achieve their fastest rendering speeds ever.

Turnkey GPU Cloud Rendering

YellowDog has provided turnkey cloud render solutions for V-Ray with Autodesk’s Maya and 3ds Max since 2015. In late 2016, YellowDog became the first cloud render platform to support Redshift – a hugely popular GPU engine recently acquired by Maxon.

This latest GPU release from the YellowDog team will appeal to studios using GPU rendering to deliver computer generated productions in industries ranging from Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) to Visual Special Effects to 3D animation.

NVIDIA, Chaos Group, & YellowDog Celebrate Innovation

Richard Kerris, NVIDIA GM for Media & Entertainment, is excited at the rate of innovation: “We’re thrilled with the rapid adoption of RTX technology and GPU rendering from all major Media & Entertainment rendering products. With the availability of YellowDog’s multi-cloud GPU infrastructure, customers now have the ability to run shots to entire productions seamlessly via GPUs on the cloud with breakthrough turnaround.”

Chaos Group Chief Operating Officer, Lon Grohs is looking forward to the positive impacts for V-Ray too. He explains: “V-Ray Next has been our biggest update to V-Ray yet, especially when it comes to the speed and power of V-Ray GPU. YellowDog support of V-Ray’s latest GPU rendering technology is going to be a great option for artists and studios alike.”

YellowDog CEO and Founder, Gareth Williams said: “V-Ray was a major part of our very first release for 3D studios and artists way back in 2015. The mix of CPU, GPU, and real-time rendering is richer than ever before and V-Ray continues to be hugely popular for our customers. A few hundred YellowDog releases have been and gone since 2015, and after significant investment in our GPU capability, I’m delighted to add V-Ray GPU rendering to our ‘Full Service’ cloud render solution for studios all over the globe.”

Studios wishing to scale GPU renders with YellowDog’s multi-cloud platform can enquire with the CGI team or access a YellowDog free trial.

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