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posted by ProMAX Systems on Dec. 4, 2013 (8 years, 8 months, 12 days ago)

ProMAX’s Platform Server Adds Cross-Platform Adobe After Effects Rendering

The only shared storage system that offers AE renders for networks serving both Windows and Mac

Santa Ana, CA (December 4th, 2013) ProMAX Systems, the manufacturer of shared storage servers and video editing workstations, has added another significant feature set to the Platform shared storage server line. This new and unique functionality allows both Windows and Mac clients running Adobe After Effects (AE) to submit render jobs to the Platform. This capability eliminates running time-consuming renders on workstations, freeing them to get back to creative tasks. The ProMAX Platform servers are the only shared storage systems on the market that offer this cross-platform, After Effects rendering functionality.

Platform’s universal After Effects rendering capabilities will appeal to post production facilities and creative agencies of all sizes that utilize the strengths of both Windows and Mac systems. The Platform AE Render tool not only leverages Platform’s high-performance CPU advantages but it also enables offloading rendering tasks from individual workstations to the Platform server’s powerful GPUs (via Platform’s expandable capability to add GPU cards). The Platform AE Render features are available now, and are included as part of the latest Platform Series models without additional cost.

The new Platform AE Render tool exemplifies ProMAX’s responsive approach to customer feedback in developing solutions to workflow problems. It’s another example of ProMAX building revolutionary combinations of perceptive functions and easy to use data management controls. The AE Render feature set also represents ProMAX’s multi-function approach to advancing their systems beyond just handling shared storage.

How It Works

Using Platform’s own Management software, system administrators designate a Platform Space as an Adobe After Effects render location. Mac or Windows users connected to the Platform, with access to that space, can submit their render jobs to that location. The Platform system watches the designated Platform Space for render submissions and manages the remote submission through the Platform’s After Effects render node software.

The Platform Shared Storage Server Line

ProMAX originally disrupted the norms of shared storage by launching their game-changing Platform servers with functionality covering not only shared storage, but also other advanced functions such as Asset Management, Media Conversion, and Archiving. Platform’s latest innovations represent a bold progression by expanding upon the existing Platform Online and Platform Studio lines with a new Platform Nearline storage system that is ideal for disk-based back up. In addition to new hardware options, software developments have increased the functionality of every Platform system by adding features previously found only in the Enterprise Storage sector. Each system is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance to the most demanding video-post workflows, ranging from online and nearline to Enterprise levels, with capacities from 8 Terabytes to 25 Petabytes.

With these new software and hardware options, companies looking for shared storage are no longer forced to choose between video functionality and Enterprise level data protection and management: they get both with Platform. Platform’s new expansion capabilities solidly position it as an Enterprise class solution.

About ProMAX Systems:

ProMAX develops and manufactures innovative, professional media technology solutions; specializing in shared storage servers, high-end editing workstations and storage devices for video and media content creators around the world. ProMAX has been providing expertly devised and supported end-to-end workflow solutions to the media and entertainment, corporate, education, house of worship and government sectors since 1994. CEO Jess Hartmann acquired ProMAX in 2008, and rapidly expanded the company’s product development and manufacturing operations; breaking into new areas of industry leadership by building powerful systems to meet the performance needs of collaborative media creation and demanding post production processes. Recent customers including the Emmy® webcast; Backstage Live!, Titleist, Chapman University and The Arizona Cardinals all know the value of ProMAX’s scalable and multi-functional systems.

For more information, visit www.promax.com , follow @ProMAX Systems on Twitter, and see more ProMAX happenings on Facebook and YouTube.