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posted by ProMAX Systems on Nov. 7, 2013 (8 years, 9 months, 10 days ago)

ProMAX's New Platform Server Series

The Next BIG STEP in the Shared Storage Revolution

Santa Ana, CA (November 7th, 2013) ProMAX Systems, the southern California-based manufacturer of shared storage servers and video editing workstations, has announced groundbreaking additions to their Platform shared storage server line. ProMAX originally disrupted the norms of shared storage by launching their game-changing Platform servers with functionality covering not only shared storage, but also other advanced functions such as Asset Management, Media Conversion, and Archiving. Platform’s latest innovations represent a bold progression by expanding upon the existing Platform Online and Platform Studio lines with a new Platform Nearline storage system that is ideal for disk-based back up. In addition to new hardware options, software developments have increased the functionality of every Platform system by adding features previously found only in the Enterprise Storage sector. Each system is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance to the most demanding video-post workflows, ranging from online and nearline to Enterprise levels, with capacities from 8 Terabytes to 512 Petabytes.

With these new software and hardware options, companies looking for shared storage are no longer forced to choose between video functionality and Enterprise level data protection and management: they get both with Platform. Platform’s new expansion capabilities solidly position it as an Enterprise class solution. This New Platform Series offers a revolutionary combination of perceptive functions and multi-location data management controls that are easy to use for workgroups of any size.

“Platform opened up the concept of scaling servers beyond just shared storage; extending into a multi-functional, all-purpose, workgroup server that can scale storage, users, performance and workflows. The newest release of Platform builds on that foundation and positions it as a significant player in the Enterprise market with advanced data protection and management,” explains ProMAX CEO Jess Hartmann. He adds, “These new Platforms are perfect examples of ProMAX’s goals in providing powerful IT features that also maintain simplicity of use.”

With The New Platform models, ProMAX has developed notably advanced workflow solutions in several vital sectors:

  • Multi-Tiered Shared Storage Management – Time saving tools with capabilities including the ability to instantaneously grow or shrink volumes (i.e. Platform Spaces) to match immediate usage demands, without the threat of data loss. New features include allowing the control of all Platform servers with a single, centralized interface.
  • Enterprise Scalability – Now supporting scalability to thousands of users, up to hundreds of Petabytes and to meet any performance requirement, Platform removes limits commonly found in other storage products. Platform remains focused on the unique ability to scale into workflows beyond shared storage, such as organizing media files, providing long term data protection, supporting media conversion, automating repetitive tasks and more.
  • Workflow Automation & Media Management – New permissions management features simplify complexities and eliminate duplicate tasks. Platform’s new Data Replication function provides continuous, 2-way updates of media between servers and across multiple locations for greater efficiency and additional backup. In addition, features for high speed data moves and data copies have been introduced with both scheduling and performance settings that facilitate the ultimate in media management control.
  • Expanded Performance Monitoring Controls - Real-time displays of CPU performance, storage performance, connections to users, and connections to groups enable dynamic bandwidth adjustments to make sure priority projects get the bandwidth they need, when they need it.

ProMAX has also significantly amplified Platform’s scalability and expandability, emphasizing the ease of scaling workflows. Smaller workgroups, and those with portable requirements, are a great fit for ProMAX’s on-set solution; Platform Studio (which gained industry attention for its on-location performance supporting the editing team for the Emmy® Backstage Live! Webcast). Single Platform systems that expand up to 256 TB, meet the needs for most mid-sized facilities. The New Platform Nearline series fulfills the extensive resource demands of Enterprise operations. Platform Nearline models offer the ability to install multiple, synchronized Platforms across several locations, with automated data management capabilities and multi-tiered storage deployments.

    Among the dozens of noteworthy new features included within the New Platform Series, there are several stand-out elements listed below.

New Platform Hardware and Feature Highlights

  • Platform Online - Improved streaming bandwidth by up to 20% for Platform servers. This hardware refresh increases performance for shared storage as well as other tasks like rendering and media conversion.
  • Nearline Storage Servers – Up to 144TB per unit offers dense and less costly Tier 2 storage options
  • Data Replication – Provides continuous, 2-way updates of media between servers, even in multiple locations, for greater efficiency and additional backup
  • Conflict Manager - References who’s using specific files for faster resolution
  • Group Permissions - Create groups for more organized and time efficient management
  • Bandwidth Controls - Manage by group, user, connection, server, specific workstation or by location
  • Verified High-Bandwidth Data Copies and Data Moves - Functioning across servers, ensuring file integrity and protecting against data loss
  • Real-Time Integration with Active Directory - For making instant modifications to users and permissions

About ProMAX Systems:

ProMAX develops and manufactures innovative, professional media technology solutions; specializing in network servers, high-end workstations and storage devices for video and media content creators around the world. ProMAX has been providing expertly devised and supported end-to-end workflow solutions to the entertainment, corporate, enterprise, education, house of worship and government sectors since 1994. CEO Jess Hartmann acquired ProMAX in 2008, and rapidly expanded the company’s product development and manufacturing operations, breaking into new areas of industry leadership by building powerful systems that streamline collaborative media creation and post production processes.

For more information, visit www.promax.com , follow @ProMAX Systems on Twitter, and see more ProMAX happenings on Facebook and YouTube.